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The article "In Praise of the F Word" was written by Mary Sherry who was a teacher in an "educational-repair shop" describes the ways the author sees students being cheated by their schools and proposes a remedy. The author describes tens of thousands of eighteen-year-olds would graduate this year and was handed meaningless diplomas. These students' validity would be questioned only when their employers discovered that these graduates were semiliterate. Eventually some fortunate students would find their way into educational-repair shops which were adult literacy programs such as the one where the author taught basic grammar and writing. They would also discover that they had been cheated by the educational system. The author blamed the poor academic skills that their kids had today on drugs, divorce, and other impediments to the concentration necessary for doing well in school. The author would never forget a teacher who played that card to get the attention of one of her children. She had never seen a teacher who threatened her child before, and changed her mind that she was right. After that case, her child finished out the semester with an A. Most kids don't put school first on their list unless they perceive that something is at stake. However, when some students face difficulties, they have decided to make education a priority. People of all ages can rise above their problems, but they need to have a reason to do so. Flunking as a regular policy has just as much merit today as it did two generations ago. People must review the threat of flunking and see it as a really positive teaching tool.

The response to the reading:

The article expressed the author as a teacher in an educational repair shop and saw the students were cheated by the educational system and hand meaningless diplomas. When she taught them, she noticed that even though the students had no basic writing and

grammar skills. She provided an example of her children to indicate her point. Flunking as a regular policy had just as much merit today as it did two generations ago. When I was reading the article, I associate with my high school in China. Even though the educational system are not the same between China and America. I though the terrible educational system more seriously destroyed me than cheat me. If students are going to study in College, they must pass though the College Entrance Examination. However, students only have one chance to attend this examination in their life. If they fail the exam, it means they have no changes to exam again. I can still remembered my College Entrance Examination. Because of my envious, I got a failure on that exam, eventually I had to apply to a poor College. I think the exam is not fair for students and cant reflect my reality study skills. The educational system in China is terrible.

2 discussion questions:
Why the author uses the F word as the title? Why the author calls the place as educational repair shop?

A brief explanation of your reading process:

Even though the article has no much words and new vocabularies. When I was reading it, I had no a clear logical organization. When I read it at first time, I confused for the paragraph 3 and 4. I cant understand the authors main idea, I had to read it one more time. I analyzed the structure of the sentence and read the whole article again. Because the article is not long than previous article, after reading a second time, finally I understood all of the paragraphs. I thought the method could help me to understand the article better.

good words
validity noun the quality of being logically valid Explain: I think the world is very important, because it appears in reading comprehension I would question the validity of that assumption. flunk verb fail to get a passing grade

Explain: The words appears a lot of time in the article. He didnt flunk out the exam this semester. perceive verb to become aware of through the senses Explain: I think the word is simple to use in an essay. I enable myself to perceive reality through both perspectives at once.