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1 Ashton Amos English 1102 Ms.

Ingram April 15, 2014 Portfolio Essay English 1102 has been very different from English 1101. There has been a lot more independent writing and thinking involved in this course. English 1102 has challenged me more than my previous English course. I believe that I have learned a lot of new concepts this semester, which has helped me to evolve my writing style and the outlook that I have on writing. When you first log onto my Weebly page, you will find the home page. This page is just meant to be a brief introduction of what and myself the purpose of my website is. The purpose of my site is to represent all the work I have done this semester in English 1102 and how I have evolved as a writer. I have designed this portfolio to be more professional. I did this because while in class one day, Ms. Ingram told us that our portfolio is meant to represent the writing you have done and not so much on your personal life. After hearing this I took out the slide show of my friends and I because I realized that it had nothing to do with my work that I have done this semester. I replaced it with a quote that I thought was very interesting. It says, Editing is like killing your story and very slowly bringing it back to life. I thought this applied to this course because we have done a lot of editing with our papers. For me personally, I have had to kill my paper and completely

2 rewrite it again after having it edited. I knew this had to be done in order for me to have a well-written paper. The next tab you will see is my portfolio essay. This essay explains all the work I have done throughout the semester in detail. The portfolio essay was one of the more challenging pieces for me. This is because I had to put into words how the work I have done all semester related to one another and how I grew as a writer. I have chose to organize my portfolio chronologically because I think I am able to convey how I grew as a writer this way. The third tab of my portfolio is the exploratory essay. Some people found this essay to be one of the easier papers we did but that was not the case for me. I found this to be difficult because we had no rules for this paper. We were asked to just write about something that we were passionate about. We had nothing else to go on other than this. I am the type of person that likes to be told what to write about. I took a huge risk by writing this paper because I had to be independent and think about what I really wanted to write about. I described my passion by saying, The first obvious thing to me was my passion for helping people. This is the reason why I am here at school to be a nurse. Ever since I can remember I have always loved helping people. It brings me joy when I am able to help another person. This essay eventually lead me to my inquiry question which I used for research. The fourth tab that you will see on my portfolio is my midterm paper. The midterm paper was one of the easier papers to write. I felt this way because I was able to look at the work that I have done so far and analyze it. It did require some critical thinking but not as much as some of the other papers did. We also had to

3 look at other portfolios and analyze them. I found this to be helpful because it gave me different ideas on how I could organize my portfolio. I feel that all future classes should do this because it can be a tremendous help. This midterm also helped me to see what I needed to improve on in the course. I realized I needed to focus on the key concept of critical thinking. In my paper I said, I dont like to go into too much depth about things but that is one thing I am going to have to change. I think that if I take my time writing and brainstorming I will be able to succeed with this concept. I took my own advice and started to take my time with papers. I have a bad habit of trying to rush through my papers just to get it done. But I have learned how to take my time and actually go into depth of what I want to say and it definitely pays off. I am able to write better papers and I can take this concept of critical thinking and apply it to all of my writing that I do in and out of college. The next tab of my portfolio says More. Under this is where you will find the rest of my papers. The first one is my annotated bibliography. This contains my top six sources that I used for my multi-genre project. It was difficult for me to find six sources that I could actually use for my project. My inquiry question was, How do nurses impact healthcare? My research eventually lead me to focus on the aspect of how nurses make an impact on patients. Since there was not much information on this kind of topic, I had to think of different ways to word it so I could research it from a different angle. Working on my bibliography made me engaged in the key concept of independent inquiry. I was forced to find information about my topic and use that to show how nurses can make a difference in a persons

4 life. I now feel more confident about doing research for various types of papers. This gave me experience that I know I will need for my future courses. The next tab you will see is my Multi-Genre project. This was by far the hardest assignment that we worked on this semester. The difficult part about this assignment was the research that went along with it. I had a difficult time finding useful research for my project but I was able to find things that helped prove my argument. The first part of my project was the genre one which was a journal entry that I wrote. I enjoyed writing this journal entry because I was able to use a personal experience for inspiration. I made great use of pathos in this genre, which helped me prove my argument to my audience. The second part of my project was genre two, which was a schedule that I made for a nurse. As I said in my genre reflection, The most important mode of communication I used here would be the visual mode. Readers have to be able to look at the schedule and use the linguistic mode to fully understand what I am rhetorically trying to say, which is that nurses spend a lot of time taking care of the patients. I also included a journal entry written from a nurses point of view. I did this because Ms. Ingram brought up the idea to me. I think that making this second journal entry helped add a more authentic vibe to my genre. By working on both of these genres, it helped me gain knowledge and understand how to use the five modes of communication. Before I worked on this project, I somewhat understood the concept behind these different types of communication but I never really understood how I could effectively apply them to my writing until now. I realized that if I look at the point of view my audience is coming from and how they perceive my writing, I can use different ways of

5 communicating what I have to say. The third and final piece of the Multi-Genre project was the genre reflection. This is the paper I am most proud of because I was able to take all the feedback I received from Ms. Ingram and incorporate it into my paper. I tried to go into depth about why I made the choices that I made and how I was able to convey my message to the audience. The key concept that I applied most here was critical thinking. I took my time in writing my paper because I knew that I would have a detailed reflection if I did this. In the end, I was able to produce an effective project, which I believe can change a few peoples out look on nurses. The next tab you will see is my artifacts tab. I have divided all the artifacts into the categories to which they belong in. I did this because I felt like it would be easier to read. The first category is the process work artifacts. The first artifact is a picture of my brainstorm idea on how I was going to arrange my artifacts tab. I chose to include this artifact because it was a vital role in how I created my artifact page. I was able to use the visual mode in order to help me map out where each artifact belonged. This helped me to organize my page in a way that is easy for viewers to read. My second artifact in this category is my exploratory essay draft, which are the next two pictures. I included this as one of my artifacts because I was able to use this feedback in order to improve my paper. One useful comment I received from Ms. Ingram was, Sensory detail and dialogue will help us get why this was so important to you. This gave me ideas on how I could describe my experience in the hospital in a more detailed manor. The third artifact that I used for this category was my genre reflection draft. I believe that this draft was important to include because it shows where I started with my reflection. When you look at my

6 final draft of my genre reflection, you will be able to see all the drastic improvements I have made. I think that this comparison of my two drafts sums up everything that I have learned this semester. I was able to take a draft that was simply just a start and turn it into a detailed reflection. I did this by combining all the things we have talked about such as the five modes of communication, Aristotles Appeals, and my research in order to describe how I evolved this paper into what it is now. The next category of artifacts you will see are the feedback artifacts. My first artifact is the comments I received from Ms. Ingram during our conference. I found this to be helpful because it gave me insight on what I should change in my exploratory essay. I can relate the aural mode to this artifact because during our conference, we talked about these specific comments, which would improve my paper. The second artifact for this category was the Multi-Genre project notes that I also received from Ms. Ingram. This artifact is what helped me the most out of everything. I was able to visually see what I needed to change in order to have my project be successful. The comments that I received helped me to link all of my information and research together. Without this feedback I would not have been able to improve my project as much as I did. Next, you will see the writers notebook artifacts. The first artifact is my reader response letter four. I chose to include this because the reading that we wrote about dealt with representing and understanding the different sides in an argument. A quote from the reading included, A good argument is actually a lot like good conversation. Its important to represent more than one side (Losh,

7 Alexander, K. Cannon, Z. Cannon 2014: p.148). This particular quote helped me to approach my inquiry question from a different angle and helped me to gain more useful knowledge of my topic. The second artifact that you will see is two warm ups that I wrote. I consider these as one warm up because they worked together to help me evolve my inquiry question. I was able to use the linguistic mode by finding different ways to word my inquiry question. The second part is a thesis statement that I wrote based on my inquiry question. This warm up helped me to focus on what type of research I should be looking for. The last category of artifacts you will see are the wild cards. The first wild card I chose to include was the power point on Ethos, Pathos, and Logos. I chose to include this because this is what finally helped me to understand these concepts. I was not able to understand the concepts after reading it in our book but this power point explained it in a more simple way. I referred back to this power point both in my portfolio essay and my genre reflection. I now feel very confident when I am asked to write about Ethos, Pathos, or Logos because I actually know what I am talking about thanks to this power point. My second wild card that I chose was another warm up that we did during class. This warm up was about peer editing and what we could do to improve it. This helped me personally because I was able to think about what I could do in order to give useful feedback. I also think that this helped our peer groups because we were all able to put our ideas together and come up with better ways to workshop our drafts. The final tab you will see is my blog. This is where you will find all my responses to the blog prompts. During this semester, I feel as if we were not as

8 involved with our blogs as we were last semester in English 1101. However, I still found the blogs to be helpful. My favorite blog that we did was blog post number three. I was asked to explore the librarys website and write about it. I found this to be helpful because I never knew that this website could be such a great resource. I was not able to find a lot of research I could use for my topic but I know I could use this as a resource for finding other information for future classes. Every blog forced us to think critically in their own way. This was achieved by having a different set of questions and prompts for each blog. All together, I enjoy writing blogs and I believe that they have helped me become a better writer. I think that the work I have represented through this portfolio deserves an A. I have arranged my portfolio in a way that is organized and shows everything I have learned this semester. I have conveyed my message in a way that is thoughtfully arranged. I have also described how I have evolved as a writer using the key concepts such as critical thinking, independent inquiry, and risk taking. I have also quoted several important quotes that I thought showed my growth during this course. I have put in so much effort into all of my work in order to have to best papers I could possible have. I have learned so much this semester and my portfolio is a visual representation of my growth. I am very happy with the work I have done semester and I hope my readers enjoy it as much as I do.

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