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Drake Academy , Blue Devils

Hello students and parents. Here at Drake Academy, we understand your needs of good education, but yet having a little fun at the same time. Our learning style is suppose to be off of what you are interested in and being relax but yet productive. Here at Drake Academy we take our education very seriously. If you don't reach the requirement of our GPA you are not allowed to do any out of school activities. The required GPA is 3.0. If you are any lower than that, you will not be able to do any activities until you reach the certain GPA. Know let's learn some more information about Drake Academy. ________________________________________________________ __ Students Drake is a high class school, only the best can get in. At Drake Academy the age group is a normal. It is considered a middle school. The grade ranges from 6-8 grade. The school also allows both genders. Drake only accepts the best kids for their school. The students must be advanced for their age. They must have been in advanced classes at their old schools or have taken a test to get into Drake. In conclusion Drake has the best students for the best school. Teachers & Administrators Teachers are very important linked with education. At our Academy our teachers must have a masters degree in education and high class teachers. We are all about having fun but we make sure our teachers are strict but rolledback. Our teachers will make you feel comfortable and safe Schedule. Home room:8:00-8:20.

1st hour: 8:23--9:00 2nd hour:9:03-9:40 3rd hour: 9:43- 10:20 4th hour: 10:23-11:00 Break/Lunch: 11:03-12:30 5th hour: 12:33-1:10 6th hour: 1:13-1:50 7th hour- 1:53- 2:40 Our schedule has been formatted to 37 minute classes.Our school's bell will ring at 7:55 and our home room will start at 8:00. Our bells will ring at the end of class and after with a 3 minute passing time. If you don't make it to class on time then you serve a detention after school. Can't go off campus unless you gave no missing work. Also, if you have missing work you must go to lunch dentition during the break for 30 minutes. During beak you're also allowed to have your devices. Your seclude can be switched if talk to counselors. Classes Here at Drake Academy we take our education and class level very seriously. We only have advance classes such as higher grade math or higher level language arts. We will have no lower or regular classes for students attend. So, to be in these classes you must have been in advanced classes at your old school. If you weren't in high classes before you must take a test to pass our school's advance classes. In conclusion, you must be in high classes to be at our school. Resources

At Drake Academy the kids have the best technology accessible for them to use. The kids carry around iPads and Mac books. They have the best technology for the students and teachers in Wisconsin. Teachers also have technology. The teachers also have iPads and Mac books. In the classroom they have a whiteboard and smart board for their use around the classroom. The use of technology at Drake is fantastic able helps the children with their learning and being ready for college.

Rules At Drake Academy we are all about and education and having fun, but we need our students and staff to be safe. But we have certain rules for certain things. We have rules for being safe, technology, dress code, and activities. We have these rules so each teacher and student can be and feel safe here at Drake Academy. But we still want kids to have fun and be safe at the same time. Saftey: No running unless you're in gym or you have permission Do not go anywhere unless you have a pass or you have to No PDA No weapons Mutual respect Don't do drugs alcohol, strictly permitted Get to class on time If you use your phones during class it will be taken away for the rest of class (if you get it taken away for more than 3 times, you

are not aloud to have it at school.)


No playing games during class No social media (unless you are in your block time or passing time) Have iPad, iPod, iPhone, laptop, ext. charged Must have headphones Must have electronics Can bring charges if wanted

Dress Code: Must wear uniform Only time you are not aloud to wear a uniform is on Fridays or any other holidays Must be appropriate clothing if it is a Friday or on a holidays If caught wearing other clothing and not your uniform get detention ( if you get caught more than 3 times you will have to leave Drake Academy)

Activities: Must reach certain GPA to be able to play (3.0) Any health concerns please tell coach or leader of sports or

activities No bad history Must get homework done If you get more than 3 lunch detentions to can't play any sports or do any activities for the rest of the year We have these rule for the good of our children so the learning environment is safe as possible. These rules seem strict but as students it's your responsibility to be safe. If you are safe you will have no problem with following these rules.

Co-Curricular Activities There are many activities to do during the day and after. There are two main groups of Co-curricular activities. There are the educational and the athletic. The educational list includes drama, choir,band, art, spanish club, and French club. There are many choices to take at Drake. Here at Drake they have the best sports teams in Wisconsin. Drake has a wide selection of sports to take. This list includes gym, fencing, polo, cricket, soccer, lacrosse, golf, basketball, and baseball. Drake makes you feel at home and has all you want and need at a boarding school.

Conclusion (focus on the need for these changes) In conclusion Drake Academy everything makes a great middle school and more. If you come to Drake you are promised a great education and a great experience for your child. It has many activities

for you to do inside and outside of school. Drake has all you need to help you get ready for your future. Come to Drake where only the best education is served on a golden platter for your child to devour and become the best they can be. Drake is the best and cannot be compared to the rest!