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Kayla Champion Douglas English 1102 April 20, 2014 Overcoming the Fear Walking around my hometown of Maiden,

North Carolina, I dont really feel in danger. North Carolina is a very strong anti-gun control state, along with some of our neighboring southern states that are also populated with guns. I have never been afraid of guns, nor have I ever thought it was okay to play with one like a toy. I have been taught that guns are a very serious ordeal. Fear is something that is greatly involved with the gun debate here in the United States. People should not be afraid in their homes. America is everyones home and we all deserve to feel safe here. Robert Endorf writes that after over thirty years there is still no reliable evidence to support the (Washington DC) bans efficacy. There is no evidence that the gun ban has lowered violent crime, reduced the illegal gun supply, prevented any firearm accidents or suicides, or had any advantageous effect whatsoever. Endorfs honest writing tells the problem with gun control. Everyone wants that easy answer. The laws have been tested and the problem is not solved. Obviously people are not afraid to use guns. If these laws dont work in the nations capital, what makes politicians think that it will work anywhere else? A criminal by definition is a lawbreaker. People think that when laws get put on guns, that it will stop criminals from getting them and using them. If a criminal is what they are by nature, a lawbreaker, then a few laws arent going to stop them. Brazils 2003 experiment with gun laws showed an increase in violence with other types of weapons and an increase in hospitalizations and deaths (de Souza, Maria de Ftima Marinho). These are just two examples where gun control made things worse. Anti-gun control groups have lots of educational opportunities to get involved with. The fear of guns needs to be overcome in America. With almost 80 million Americans owning a gun, knowledge

would be a good idea (JustFacts). Whether you own a gun or not, learning about them and the rules that are already in order can help keep you safe. Criminals are not afraid to use a gun or any other type of weapon. You cant be afraid to protect yourself. The NRA is a group that provides many different gun training sessions and education for people to go to. Educating citizens could be a powerful thing. Another part of the gun control debate is concealed weapons. In right to carry states, the violent crime rate is 24% lower, the murder rate is 28% lower, and the robbery rate is 50% lower than other states (JustFacts.) This statistic alone speaks loudly. Banning guns may just be creating more crime and a more dangerous country. Children are a big part of the gun control argument. Pro-gun control advocates yell that guns are dangerous because children can get ahold of them. In counter-argument, parents should have proper training and education about gun safety. As a parent, it is a responsibility to teach children what guns are and allow them to understand that they are not toys. With proper education, children would not want to mess with guns in the first place. I dont think that parents should have guns in the house if they are not going to be responsible and teach their kids. By teaching them at a young age, children can grow up and respect guns as an adult and will be able to protect themselves and their families. Gun control has many aspects but safety is the biggest thing. You cant be afraid to protect yourself. Maybe different experiments have shown gun bans to not work. The only option is to learn and get over the fear. By educating yourself, guns can be a safe way to protect your family. Guns just take the responsibility of learning how to use them.

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