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How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

The combination of my film review and poster come together as similarly themed and branded products which link significantly so to sell my short film to my audience. I did this by integrating a consistent house style that is recognizable across the range whilst giving a textual and graphically interpreted version of my product appealing to the widest range of demographics that might be interested in such a subject. My film targets a young (roughly 20-30 year old English) audience. To match this in my ancillary tasks I interlinked social media advertisements. Both my ancillary products explicitly reference social media so to broaden the ability to interact with the film whilst marketing my product for free through the internet. This is as the audience can act as producers so to say, as their interaction would spread the word to a wider audience commonly of a similar demographic. These appeal to my films audience, making the ancillary products appropriate matches. My house style is consistent throughout my products. The Hitchcock Style font is used both in my poster and film, promoting a brand identity whilst being inherently English. In my review however, I chose to leave it out. This is as typically a review is written by someone separate to the filmmaker. Because of this I designed the magazine to have a more formal style titling it Critical and modelling it alike to Total Film. This allowed me to structure the ascetic nature of the article similarly to the poster which is of open uncluttered nature with simple white dominated color pallet. Again, this promotes a British identity for my ancillary products, linking them closely with my Film A fairly laid back mode of address fits with the comedy-element of my films genre. My products are all also distinctly British in fashion. The use of British slang in the review like telly and muck-up appeals to my audience by being genre indicative. Finally, the common image of an ornate frame creates iconography for my film which bases itself on an art heist.

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