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Topic: Completing Activities

To remove activities from the Pending tab, they must be completed. The completed activity will then move to
Why Do This: the History tab.
Notes: 1. Right-click the activity on the Pending tab,
Calendar or Activity list, then select Complete.
• Completing
moves the
activity from the
Pending tab and
a record is
posted on the
History tab.
• Complete any
pending activity
from the 2. Select a Reference
Pending tab, the
Activity list, or
the Calendar.
Right-click any
activity and
Complete from
the local menu.
4. Write conversation notes here.
• Don’t have a
pending activity?
3. Designate here
Go directly to whether or not you
the Complete were able to get in
Menu at the of 5. Check this box to touch with the
the GoldMine schedule a follow-up call, contact. If they were
action, etc. then click OK. unavailable, or out to
Window. lunch for instance,
this would be an
unsuccessful contact

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April 2003 - 180° Solutions
Topic: Completing Unscheduled Activities
Record when you have left a message or someone has called you and you don’t have a pending
Why Do This: activity schedule for this contact.
• Always 1. Click Cold Call or Called, depending on your contact
schedule a method. Choose Lft Msg. to record only that you
• Use the Cold
Call button on
the toolbar to
record that you
knocked on
this company’s
• When calling, 2. Type your notes in the
Notes area, then click
there are only OK.
two possible
either you
reach a real
person (the
Called Button),
or you leave a 3. The notes are entered on the History tab for
message (Lft. this contact. Double-click the entry to view the
Msg. Button). notes. Right-click on the entry and choose
Edit to modify the notes.
Use the button
on the toolbar
for each of
Up and Running with GoldMine – Level I Page 2
April 2003 - 180° Solutions