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A Prayer Based Upon:

_(insert name)___ I keep thanking God for you, while making mention of you in my
prayers; that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the ather of glory, may gi!e to you a
spirit of wisdom and of re!elation in the knowledge of "im#
I pray that the eyes of your heart (your inner man) may $e enlightened, so you will know
the hope of "is %alling and the ri%hes of the glory of "is inheritan%e in the saints; the
surpassing greatness of "is power toward us who $elie!e#
&ith the same strength and power, "e raised Christ from the dead and seated "im at "is
right hand in the hea!enly pla%es, far a$o!e all rule and authority and power and
dominion, and e!ery name that is named, not only in this age $ut also in the one to %ome#
"e put all things in su$'e%tion under "is feet, and ga!e "im as head o!er all things to the
%hur%h, whi%h is "is $ody, the fullness of "im who fills all in all#
(y response is to get down on my knees $efore the ather, this magnifi%ent ather who
par%els out all hea!en and earth# I ask him to strengthen you $y his )pirit*not a $rute
strength $ut a glorious inner strength*that Christ will li!e in you as you open the door
and in!ite him in# +nd I ask him that with $oth feet planted firmly on lo!e, you,ll $e a$le
to take in with all followers of Jesus the e-tra!agant dimensions of Christ,s lo!e# .ea%h
out and e-perien%e the $readth/ 0est its length/ 1lum$ the depths/ .ise to the heights/
Li!e full li!es, full in the fullness of God#
God %an do anything, you know*far more than you %ould e!er imagine or guess or
re2uest in your wildest dreams/ "e does it not $y pushing us around $ut $y working
within us, his )pirit deeply and gently within us#3