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1 Demonstrate
understanding of
assessment strategies,
including informal and
formal, diagnostic,
formative and summative
approaches to assess
student learning.
Student learning was assessed through different types of assessment tools these
included but were not limited to Summative, Formative, Diagnostic and Self
Assessment. I have used these assessment tools throughout my last three years
of practical experience and furthered my understanding and knowledge of
effective ways to assess student learning.
5.2 Demonstrate an
understanding of the
purpose of providing
timely and appropriate
feedback to students
about their learning.
Feedback was provided to students through different forms including written
and verbal. It is crucial to ensure feedback is constructive as well as delivered in
a positive manner that enables students to see where they can improve as well
as reinforcing the areas they are already successful in, this is something I have
strived to incorporate into my daily teaching practices.
5.3 Demonstrate
understanding of
assessment moderation
and its application to
support consistent and
comparable judgments of
student learning.
Making consistent and comparable judgments in regards to assessment is
essential to confirm assessment moderation. This can be done as a cohort
amongst the other year level teachers as well as on professional development
days like CTJ. CTJ was a day that I was able to attend and gain a further
understanding as to how professionals demonstrate and understanding of
assessment moderation and apply this to support consistent and comparable
judgments of students learning.
5.4 Demonstrate the
capacity to interpret
student assessment data
to evaluate student
learning and modify
teaching practice.
I interpreted the students formative assessment results and compared them to
the students self-assessment results to determine if there was a clear
correlation. If a correlation occurred it was easy for me to see where the
students sat in according to learning and gaining understanding of the topic
taught. I found this tool extremely useful in interpreting students data to
evaluate student learning and then modify my own teaching practices
5.5 Demonstrate
understanding of a range
of strategies for reporting
to students and
parents/carers and the
purpose of keeping
accurate and reliable
records of student
Emerging: Refer to Professional Development Plan.