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Ozly Carlos
California State University Northridge Stephen Florian
English 114B
April 26, 2014
Ring of Fire

Sometimes in life we go through a certain something, or accomplish a certain goal in
which changes our lives and who we are as individuals significantly. It becomes your life
learning experience, and for Jon Krakauer of the bestselling autobiography Into Thin Air, his
significant experience was climbing the highest piece of rock on Earth, Mount Everest. Although
Jon knew it was going to be one of the hardest objectives he will ever face in his life, he
nevertheless resisted to accomplishing this dream, climbing the top of Mount Everest.
Jon Krakauer is nothing more than a believer, one that is strong. Knowing the
circumstances of trying to climb the top of the mountain, and considering how many people
dont make it alive to tell their story, Jon still put all that and more aside and did what he always
wanted to do, climb the top of Mount Everest. Krakauer goes on into saying how he felt
responsible for the deaths of a few climbers, but does he goes on to say how he cannot live? Im
sure he feels a big piece of his heart will forever be wounded for that, but he lives and becomes
stronger for that. He lets the world know that he feels he is not the same because of those deaths
but never take life or a life as granted. From simply writing this story he lets me know to go out
and live life to its extreme fullest, and never look back at something that could have happened,
just love and learn from what is happening. For that I idolize Jon Krakaur and he is a
motivational figure to me.
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Into Thin Air simply blew me away after reading it. It made me ask myself so many
things as in why would so many people even attempt to try and climb this gigantic mountain?
Since 1922 over two hundred people have died in trying to fulfill their goals of reaching the very
top of Mount Everest. Just recently on April 18
, 2014, the most horrific accident in the
mountains history occurred. Sixteen of Nepals Sherpas were killed while working for the
climbing teams. Several bodies were never found, crushed by the ice and frozen debris. When it
all comes down to it, people are fascinated by the mountain. One climber stated I think Everest
is a magical mountain with magnetic qualities, he added. Its like a light to bugs that attracts
people once they hear about it. The thrill that these climbers receive is like none other, and
when British climber George Mallory who died in trying to reach the top in 1924 was asked why
climb it he stated Because its there.
Bob Dylans autobiography Bob Dylans Chronicles Volume 1 is much like Jon
Krakauers Into Thin Air in many ways. One being there characters and who are they in spirit.
Jon isnt afraid of failing and does what he always dreamt of, which was climbing the top of the
biggest mountain in the world. Bob Dylan also had no fear in failing considering the fact that he
passed up on college and dropped out believing he was going to do what he always wanted to do
which was becoming a signed and famous musician. When someone wants to do accomplish a
goal that really is not an ordinary thing they must have a certain amount of trust in themselves
and others. Dylan trusted those who would approach him with words and power, and Jon trusted
those who would climb the mountain alongside with him with his life. In a way and sense they
both were climbing a mountain. Jon was physically climbing Mount Everest which was filled
with breathtaking obstacles and with the thought that any wrong move could potentially end his
life. On the other hand, Bob was climbing a mountain mentally, the mountain towards success
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and any wrong decision could ruin his rise towards stardom and his record deal.
Although the time span between Bob Dylans story and Jon Krakauers was a bit
different, they still both managed to have a learning experience throughout their journeys. Bob
learned from the people that would give him advice such as Woody Guthrie and others. He took
whatever he could from many artists and put it into his work of art into becoming the successful
artist he is. Jon Krakauers learning experience was during a shorter period of time. He had to
adjust to a whole different environment rapidly in order to survive the gigantic mountain. From
the deaths, to the mistakes, to the adjusting towards a whole different place on Earth, Jon had to
learn quickly what to do and how to in order to complete his goal.
Jon Krakauer has taught me through his book to never give up on anything you believe in
regardless of what the consequences may be. If you feel strongly about something and want to
accomplish it then stride for it and run it over. Considering the consequences that Jon knew
about climbing Mount Everest, knowing so many people have never made it up to the top, and he
still went on to complete his goal to tell his own story. His own death didnt stop him, and it
made me think, if you become in fear of your own death then you really arent living to your full
potential. He taught me to never hold back on anything. Its people like Jon Krakauer and Bob
Dylan who inspire me to accomplish my dreams. What they went through is a reminder and
inspiration to me. Anything can be accomplished with heart, mind, and belief.
Into Thin Air tells a story of a journey in which is not certain but can be accomplished.
The mountain symbolized life. It is not easy, nor a walk in the park, it is a run in the jungle, and
even though there may be harm or grief along the way, it is beautiful. The story of Jon gives
strength to many. He will forever be remembered to me as a sign of inspiration and as an idol
whose story will push me further in life. Jon Krakauer; the believer.
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