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Course code-2205
1. Banker -Customer Relationship.
2. Banker as agent*, trustee, executor and administrator.
3. Negotiable nstrument !ct, "a#ments and Collections o$ promissor# notes, bills and che%ues
&. n'estment in securities( )oans and !d'ances.
*. )oans and ad'ances( Cash credit( o'erdra$ts( +i$$erent $orms o$ loans ,ith and ,ithout
collateral, securities and guarantees. -ecurities and conditions $or acceptable securities.
.. )ending "olic#/ -ound )ending "olic#, 0actors to be considered at the time o$ -anctioning
)oans, t#pe o$ )oan ,ill be considered as good loan and ,hich t#pe o$ loan will be considered as
bad loan. !reas $or using bank1s 0unds
2. "a#ment nstruments/ +etails about di$$erent t#pes o$ pa#ment instruments, Che%ues, bank
dra$t, pa# orders
3. Crossing o$ che%ues/ -igni$icance o$ crossing, mportance and application o$ crossing, t#pes
o$ crossing, cancellation o$ crossing.
4. Banking Compan# !ct. 5one# )aundering !ct. !rtho-Rin !dalat !ct.
Recommended Books:

1. !. R 6han, 0undamentals o$ Banking. -.- "ublications
2. 5.). 7anna, Banking )a, and "ractice
3. 5entioned !cts.