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School of Education Portfolio

University of Wisconsin Platteville

Artifact Reflection
Title of Experience/Artifact: Historical Figure Prezi Presentation
Date Experience Completed: Spring 2014

In my intro to physical education class, we were given the opportunity to do some research on a
phy ed. historical figure and put a presentation together. This was a great experience to learn
about a person who influenced our profession.

Wisconsin Teacher Standard Alignment
My historical figure Prezi presentation best aligns with standard 6; communication; the
teacher uses effective verbal and nonverbal communication techniques as well as
instructional media and technology to foster active inquiry, collaboration, and supportive
interaction in the classroom.
This experience aligns with standard 6; communication, because I tested my
communication skills to teach the class about my historical figure (Charles Beck). I used
verbal and nonverbal techniques and had to interact with the class to provide them with
information about Charles Beck. The skills I used to communicate and interact with the
class were, speaking loud and clear, using direct eye contact, and asking questions. I
knew the class was following along by seeing them nod their heads and by their body
This artifact demonstrates a competency in standard 6; communication, because I needed
to use exceptional communication skills in order to give knowledgeable information to
the class. I used verbal communication to inform the class about Charles Beck by talking
about what he accomplished in his career and how he influenced our profession. Another
strategy I used during this experience was media technology. I used media technology by
creating a prezi presentation I displayed to the class. I know I was competent in this
standard because at the end of my presentation I asked the class a few questions about
Charles Beck that they were able to answer.

UW-Platteville School of Education Knowledge, Skills, Dispositions Alignment

My historical figure presentation best aligns with KS3.a.; communicates clearly and
accurately; The candidates spoken and written language are correct, expressive and
clear, with well-chosen vocabulary that enriches teaching and communicates
thoughtfully, responsively, and effectively for a wide range of student understanding and
encourages appropriate student language development.
This aligns with KS3.a because I had to communicate clearly and accurately. During this
presentation I needed to use a wide range of communication skills and use them
effectively in order for the students to understand and not lose interest. It is important for
every educator to excel in this KSD.
This experience demonstrates competence in KS3.a because if I was not proficient in this
skill, the students I was teaching would have been lost and confused. I used a number of
skills to communicate accurately to the students. I made direct eye contact with the
students to get their attention and connect with them. I used well-chosen vocabulary so
the entire class would understand what I was saying, and I projected my voice loud and
clearly so everyone could hear. Without using these skills, I would have not been able to
reach out to every student and teach them the information I wanted them to know.
Explain what you learned about teaching/learning from this experience:

I learned that these standards are a big part of being a good teacher. Without being a good
communicator you cannot be a proficient teacher. I also learned that teachers need to relate their
material and lesson plans according to the age group and other characteristics of their students. A
huge part of being a good teacher is making the kids want to learn. This is easier if a teacher is
proficient in these communication standards and the kids can relate to them and feel they are able
to approach their teacher.

What I learned will impact my teaching. I learned that communication is a vital part of teaching,
and good teachers are great communicators. I will use skills such as projecting my voice, using
good vocabulary, and using good pronunciation for a wide range of student understanding. I also
learned some things I need to improve on, such as being more enthusiastic and taking my time
more when I teach.