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Week one: Lesson One

Lesson: Introduction to biomes, through Kids Know it Network

Objective: Students will be able to know and understand the six dierent biomes ound on !lanet
"arth# Students will be able to demonstrate their understanding o biomes through note taking
and using the a$$ "vernote#
%ommon %ore Standards&%ontent Standards:
%ontent standards: 'istor()Social Science
*#+ Students demonstrate an understanding o the $h(sical and human geogra$hic eatures that
deine $laces and regions in %aliornia
%ommon %ore Standards: Science
Lie Science
,# Living organisms de$end on one another and on their environment or survival# -s a basis
or understanding this conce$t:
,#a# Students know ecos(stems can be characteri.ed b( their living and nonliving com$onents#
,#b# Students know that in an( $articular environment, some kinds o $lants and animals survive
well, some survive less well, and some cannot survive at all#
/echnolog( Standards
0# /echnolog( o$erations and conce$ts
Students demonstrate a sound understanding o technolog( conce$ts, s(stems, and o$erations#
a# understand and use technolog( s(stems
b# select and use a$$lications eectivel( and $roductivel(
2 i!ad
2 htt$:&&www#kidsknowit#com&interactive)educational)movies&ree)online)movies#$h$3movie4biomes
2 "vernote a$$
2 Overhead !rojector
Lesson !re$aration: !lease turn on the Smart5oard and Overhead !rojector# !lease go online and
have the ollowing website u$ and running beore the start o the lesson#
htt$:&&www#kidsknowit#com&interactive)educational)movies&ree)online)movies#$h$3movie4biomes #
!lease also be sure that all i!ads are turned on and dis$la( the "vernote a$$ 6i!ads can be ound
in the crate in the back o the classroom7# !lace an i!ad on each student8s desk, once the( are u$
and running 6according to the number on the back and the students number ound on their name
-ntici$ator( Set: Introduce the new unit b( asking students: 9oes an(one know what a biome is3
6-llow students to think or a ew moments and then ask students to volunteer answers7# :es,
that is correct, 5iomes are climaticall( and geogra$hicall( deined as contiguous areas with
similar climatic conditions on the "arth, such as communities o $lants, animals, and soil
organisms, and are oten reerred to as ecos(stems# /oda(, we will irst watch a short video
which will go into more de$th about biomes and give (ou a sense into dierent biomes that can
be ound on !lanet "arth#
;uided Instruction: 9uring the video, students will need to have their i!ads out and be taking
notes using the "vernote a$$# /hroughout the video there will be <uestions that students will
need to answer# 9uring this time, $ause the video, allow students to answer the <uestions on their
i!ad and then ask students to raise their hands and volunteer res$onses# Students must take at
least ten notes rom the video# !lease walk around during the video and be sure all students sta(
on the "vernote a$$ during the whole video $resentation#
Inde$endent -ctivit(: Once the video has sto$$ed and students have com$leted their notes the(
ma( talk with a table mate to collaborate their ideas# -llow students to talk with their table mates
or about ive minutes# /he( ma( not get u$ and walk around= the( ma( onl( talk with students
who are at their table# Once inished the( will need to submit their notes to m( work&district
email or grading 6students know m( email7# Once students are done $lease $ass out a $ost it
note to each student and ask students the ollowing <uestions: 6+7 !lease name the six biomes
rom the video 6>7 !lease name one un act that (ou learned rom the video# Students will need
to answer the <uestions on the $ost it note, write their name on the back and give to (ou beore
the( can leave or the da(# /his will show which students have $aid attention and which have not
during the video#
Student Work&Outcome: I will assess student learning b( reviewing students8 notes rom toda(8s
lesson, as well as having students com$lete a sim$le <uestion and answer exit ticket at the end o
the da(# I will ask students to answer two <uestions and write them on a $ost it note, beore the(
leave class, to be sure that the( ull( understand biomes# 6+7 !lease name the six biomes rom the
video 6>7 !lease name one un act that (ou learned rom the video#