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Meredith Wheeler

Adam Padgett
ENGL 1102
January 30, 2014
Inquiry Proposal
The first time I signed up for Myspace I was in the sixth grade, my parents had my
password and monitored my account daily. I wasnt allowed to post much and everything had
to be pre-approved. I was kept under a magnifying glass as a child. My parents have always told
me, how you act reflects on us. I wouldnt say I was the perfect child but when it comes to
the public and social media I mind my manners. Even at the age of eighteen my mother still
checks my texts, pictures, and social media. Young adults are allowed too much freedom on
social media; most of what they post contradicts the important morals my parents imbedded
into me. This may be because their parents allow them, but people do not realize what you do
now effects your future. I always consider my audiences opinion when I post something. Along
with unmoral values, children also suffer from low self-esteem when it comes to social media. I
for one have experienced a drop in my self-esteem because of Ttwitter I used to constantly feel
like I was the target when someone would post something negative. I will be the first to admit
that social media has caused me paranoia and stress. I also believe that the curtain we hide
behind when using technology has affected our social skills. I enjoy physical interaction but cell
phones have made getting in contact with people so much simpler. I believe the use of social
Comment [AP1]: Best title?
Comment [AP2]: How do you define young
adult? are you a young adult? Or a regular
Comment [AP3]: In what way? Do you
mean what we do online?
Comment [AP4]: Do you mean immoral?
Comment [AP5]: Yikes. So do you mean
that ambiguous tweets you would assume
were about you?
media and technology has impaired our ability to hold and start conversations with each other.
This also goes back to low self-esteem, if you have a low self-esteem you are less likely to put
yourself out there and you miss the opportunity to talk to people youve never met or people
you might be interested in. The problem of social media effecting peoples social ability with
others will only continue to get worse, the more technology becomes accessible and the more
ours and other generations to come use it. . I am not shy at all, I do not feel like the use of
technology has hurt my social ability. I also believe the use of technology has caused chronic
illness and countless deaths. More and more people die every day from texting and driving. I
havent been in any accidents yet but I have had many close calls. Thats such a funny
statement, it hasnt happened but it almost happened, you would think that would make me
stop texting and driving. All the commercials they have about people dying because of this has
not impacted me in any way. I am one to look at a situation and not be bothered by it until I
personally have been affected by it. Many scientists believe there is a link between technology
and cancer. I recently saw a segment on the news where a young girl was diagnosed with breast
cancer. It didnt run in her family so there wasnt much explanation. Scientist then found out
she kept her phone in her bra and are now trying to make a link between cancer and the
radiation emitted by technology.
How has the use of social media affected teens social skills as well as their self-esteem?
How has social media affected the moral values in children?
How does technology have a link to illness and death?
Comment [AP6]: This is assuming that it is,
indeed, getting bad. Also is the goodness or
badness of our social interaction a subjective
Comment [AP7]: Why? How have you
managed to avoid this problem that you
suppose has influenced everyone else?
Comment [AP8]: But didnt you get pulled
over recently?
Comment [AP9]: Okay, so all of these issues
seem very disparate. I need a stronger
connection between these ideas, otherwise
youre running through a laundry list of why
technology is bad for us.
Comment [AP10]: Social skills and self-
esteem seem very different from the other. So
why couple them together in the same
question here?
Comment [AP11]: This questions seems
extremely broad.

Next Steps
I plan to interview some of my peers and ask them some of the same questions I tried to
answer for myself in the context part of my paper. I think that getting personal stories will help
my paper to be more relatable as well as touching. I also enjoy interviewing as a form of
research. I would like to find statistical data backing up my thoughts in the link between
technology and cancer as well as death rates from texting while driving. I hope that I will also
find many personal stories from victims families as well as people who have killed others from
texting and driving. I also hope that finding some of these things will maybe change my
perspective on some of my paper while also strengthening my beliefs. I think that researching
death by texting and driving will change my personal opinion as well as keep me from doing it
anymore. I believe that research will make my paper a good mix of information that will
hopefully balance my inquiry as well as back it up.
I think you discussion is very interesting here. you seem very suspicious of social media for
several reasons. I feel like you are most interested in the pervasiveness of technology (like
when you discuss car accidents and about being conscious about what you post). I think you
should focus your inquiry in those directions. The inquiry you have seems only vaguely
connected to your personal essay. So do you think we are too dependent on technology?
What are you thoughts on disclosure and social media (or how much we share)? I am
interested in reading what most interests you. So think about these things as you conduct
your research. I think youre off to a great start and I look forward to seeing how your ideas