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North Carolina Career-Technical Education

Multimedia & Webpage Design Teaching Preparation Portfolio

General Course
State course code: BW10
State course title: Multimedia & Webpage
Recommended maximum
enrollment: 25
Recommended hours o

Course Description
$his re%ised course ocuses on des&top publishing' graphic
image design' computer animation' multimedia production' and
(ebpage design) *ommunication s&ills and critical thin&ing are
reinorced through sot(are applications) Wor&"based learning
strategies appropriate or this course are ser%ice learning' ield
trips' +ob shado(ing' and internship) Simulations' pro+ects' and
team(or& are emphasi,ed as opportunities or application o
instructional competencies) -uture Business .eaders o
/merica 0-B./1 competiti%e e%ents' communit2 ser%ice' and
leadership acti%ities pro%ide the opportunit2 to appl2 essential
standards and (or&place readiness s&ills through authentic
This honors course extends the Essential Standards to a higher
more relevant and rigorous level. Students will complete five
assigned honors projects in addition to the activities in the
standard level of the course.
Course Goals and
b!ecti"es Standard and 3nhanced course blueprints on ile (ith honors
See RB$ unpac&ed content in curriculum guide)
Generali#ations 4enerali,ations
$he purpose o Multimedia & Webpage Design is to enable
students to eecti%el2 communicate (ith their target audience
through proessional printed and electronic publications)
Describe how these generalizations will be used the course:
1)0!5' 2)015' 2)025' !)015 !)025 6 7denti2 a need (ithin a
school8business8communit2 group' communicate (ith the
leaders o the organi,ation to determine speciic guidelines or
creating publications that (ill reach a target audience' and
produce products that demonstrate principles co%ered in this
course (hile meeting a real"(orld need)
Essential $uestions 3ssential 9uestions
1)0!5 " 5o( can design and des&top publishing be applied to
real"(orld situations:
2)015 " What creating and editing s&ills are needed to produce a
proessional ;ualit2 scrapboo& or electronic portolio:
2)025 " 3%aluate ho( open sourced sot(are compares to
commercial sot(are)
!)015 " What elements are necessar2 to reach a target audience
or an ad%ertisement:
!)025 " 3%aluate dierent methods o communication important
to businesses)
Describe how essential questions will be used in the course:
3ssential ;uestions (ill be the basis or completion o
curriculum guide acti%ities' class discussions' course pro+ects'
and the additional honors pro+ects) Students (ill appl2
;uestions to their o(n lie experiences and8or to their uture
career plans)
Issues Particular to the
Course 7t is strongl2 recommended that students complete the
MS7$/ Word' <<$' <ublisher course beore ta&ing this
honors course) Students are expected to ha%e a basic
&no(ledge o this sot(are or (ith similar sot(are)
7ndi%idual teachers (ill need to decide ho( pro+ects (ill be
assigned and coordinated)
*omputers (ith necessar2 sot(are
/cceptable =se <olic2 4uidelines or 7nternet usage
/de;uate peripheral hard(are
/de;uate electronic storage or assignments8pro+ects
/ccessibilit2 to %ideos and do(nloadable items or pro+ect
E%pectations of
Students are expected to ta&e responsibilit2 or securing and
communicating (ith their o(n real"(orld organi,ation or
>b+ecti%es 1)0!5' !)015 and !)025)
2)015 " Students (ill sho(case their graphic design s&ills in a
culminating pro+ect such as a scrapboo&' electronic portolio or
other document)
2)025" /ter researching and creating an animation using open
source sot(are program' prepare an electronic presentation
sho(casing the similarities and dierences o the sot(are (ith
other animation sot(are) Students (ill also demonstrate the
sot(are application to the class)
Students (ill select an assignment or pro+ect to sho(case their
s&ills rom each ob+ecti%e listed in the blueprint) Students (ill
(rite a relection ans(ering the ollo(ing guided ;uestions)
5o( did 2ou begin this (or&:
What did 2ou li&e about this lesson:
What (ere the easiest and the most diicult parts o this
5o( can 2ou use this lesson in the real (orld:
What s&ills and &no(ledge did 2ou learn to produce this
What (ould ma&e this lesson better:
1)0!5 " Students (ill use t2peace and onts' design elements
and principles' and des&top publishing to de%elop publications
or an existing business' communit2 group' e%ent' or school
2)015 " Students (ill create a scrapboo&' electronic portolio or
other culminating publication using <ublishing sot(are and
<hoto 3diting Sot(are to sho(case design and editing s&ills)
2)025 " Students (ill research and use open"source animation
sot(are to create a product) $he2 (ill also create an electronic
presentation sho(casing the similarities and dierences o the
sot(are (ith other animation sot(are applications) Students
(ill demonstrate the sot(are to the class members)
!)015 " Students (ill create a commercial using a multimedia
s2stem ad%ertising the business' communit2 group' e%ent' or
school organi,ation rom ob+ecti%e 1)0!5
!)025 " Students (ill create a (eb site to exhibit all other
honors documents the2 ha%e designed throughout the course)
$he (eb page (ill ser%e as another tool or communicating to
the identiied audience as (ell as pro%iding a cumulati%e space
or displa2ing pro+ects rom 1)0!5 & !)015)
<ro+ect !)025 is a culminating pro+ect that re;uires a collection
o relections and artiacts throughout the semester)
Timetables and Deadlines
Students (ill complete assigned pro+ects (ithin the speciied
time allo(ed or the corresponding ob+ecti%e)
Pacing Guide
See sample pacing guide attached)
3lements testing and <ost"/ssessment
9uia testing and acti%ities
*lass (or& rom curriculum guide
7n"class obser%ations
3nhanced 5onors <ro+ects scored b2 rubrics
'(stem for Grading
3ach honors assignment (ill be included in the pro+ect categor2
(ithin the ? (ee&s a%erage)
-inal 4rade
*$3 post"course assessment 6 25@ o inal grade
1st Aine Wee&s grade !B)5@
2nd Aine Wee&s grade !B)5@
Instructional Materials)
E*uipment) and
.*D <ro+ector (ith screen
7nternet /ccess (ith %ideo capabilities
Digital *amera (ith %ideo capabilities
5$M. /uthoring83diting Sot(are
4raphics8/nimation 3diting Sot(are
Microsot >ice Suite
D<7 *urriculum 4uide
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