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Boom Whackers Math

Subject/Course: Math and Music and Place Value

Grade Range: 1-3rd Grade
Description: Learning to manipulate ones, tens, and hundreds place. Use Boom Whackers (musical
instruments) to create sound with math. Students will use math to manipulate and create music.
Lesson Objectives: Students will be able to identify, create, and manipulate patterns with math.
Students can use music instruments alone and with a group. Students will be able to create and use
their own math number as notation for music.
Lesson Plan: Place Value
Anticipatory Set:
1. Show the video on the ones, tens, and hundreds song.
2. Review units of ones, tens, and hundreds in math. (ones place, tens place, hundreds place)
Direct Lesson:
3. Show the class the Boomwackers. Tap them lightly on your hand. Show that each color makes a
different sound because the colors are associated with the size of the tube. The longer tubes make
longer sounds and the shorter tubes make higher sounds.
- On the board write that the hot pink is the ones spot, orange is tens, yellow is the hundreds
4. Have students get into groups of 3-4. Hand them three different colored index cards. The index cards
each contain a number.
5. Have each student put their index card in order of ones, tens, and hundreds spot.
Guided Practice:
6. Demonstrate how the students will match up their index cards to the same color of Boomwacker and
play their pattern. They will tap the Boomwacker according to the number in the ones, tens, and
hundreds spot.
7. Have students match their colored index cards with the same color of Boomwackers and play their
-Give them a few minutes to work in their groups.
8. Have them play their pattern for the class.
9. Mix up cards and put the colors in different places. (pink in hundreds place or add another color)
10. What if I have the number 10 in my ones place? Should I tap ten times in my ones place?
Why?/Why not?
11. Patterns are important. They help us solve an equation or play music easier.

Have students perform their own pattern with their Boomwackers.
They need to come up with a number that has ones, tens, and hundreds place.
Then they need to play it with the corresponding Boomwacker.
(They can do this as a group)

Required Materials and Equipment:
Set of Boomwackers
Set of colored index cards that match the color of the Boomwackers (Roy G. Biv colors)