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Conventions are the main things in a genre that are the

most in films or
Productions. In most
dystopian films, they use
the same sort of characters,
a mysterious male lead
character, a young naive
female lead who doesn't
know about the world and a
antagonist that seems to be
more evil than humanly
possible where the protagonist is seen as a saint type
figure and the antagonist is seen as a demonic type figure.

The lighting and colour scheme are usually very dark and
grey to represent a dark and bitter future also the clothes
are dark and torn up to also represent the dark and bleak
future. The story line is very similar in most dystopian
films. A man known as the chosen one or somebody
chosen to do something amazing must face up against a
man who wants the power for his own, along the way he
must face challenges and in the end the character grows as
a person.

The settings of these movies are usually very dense over
populated places where the world is over populated and It
is filled with shanti towns but it can also be very under
populated and is in the
wake of a war or nuclear

By Zachary Stephens