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I have always believed that school teachers are the best people to give extra classes to
students. This being so because they know specific examination requirements and guide us to
attain success academically.
Thus, when CHILD classes began, I enthusiastically joined the programme. I do not really have
the means to go for paid tuition so I grabbed the chance of studying in the CHILD sponsored
I started when I was in Form One. I cycled to attend my classes. I had no need to worry
about transport. The time for classes were fixed and they were held in school. So I know I was
in safe hands. My parents too felt happy because they knew I would be taken care of. I had no
fear or anxiety while learning because I knew all my teachers and classmates well. I have wide
circle of friends now and I feel more confident in whatever I do. I learnt comfortably in a
worry-free environment.
My teachers knew their stuff. They guided me well and relieved me of my fears. They
encouraged and motivated me to study. My PMR results were something I was proud of. I was
one of the best students in school. I was spurred to do better. My burning desire is to score all
A+s in my SPM which I believe is possible. In fact it is possible to achieve anything with
hardwork as well as smart work. I have to thank my teachers for instilling the principle in me.
However the key factor in my success has to be the CHILD Organization for giving the
Indian students a breath of fresh air and the spirit to excel. Without their efforts, many Indian
students would be drifting aimlessly and leaving everything to their so-called pre-determined fate.
I do hope that the CHILD Organization will reach others far and wide to touch upon many
more Indian students lives.
With that, I sincerely thank all those who have had a hand in guiding me to taste success.
My only hope is I could pay them back in kind.

Anishia Veerappan
SMK. SG. Pelek