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Chapter 21, A Dividing Nation:

Which events of the mid-1800s kept the nation together and which events pulled it apart?
Learning Targets:
I can identify the regulations of slavery in the Northwest Ordinance
I can trace the effects of territorial e!pansion on the de"ate over slavery
I can analy#e the impact of key events of the antislavery movement on the $nion
Facts of the Day
1 %issouri&s application as a slave state in 181' challenged $( law "ecause states north
of the Ohio were to "e free states
) *osing voting power was a fear of (outhern senators if there were more free states than
slave states
+ ,he %issouri -ompromise temporarily ended the slavery de"ate
. ,he +/
+0& parallel indicated where slavery was allowed and "anned
0 ,he Wilmot 1roviso of 18./ stated that slavery was "anned in the land ac2uired from
/ ,he -ompromise of 1800 appeased the (outh "ecause it included a law re2uiring the
return of escaped slaves
3 4aniel We"ster and 5enry -lay worked together to "alance the interests of the North
and the (outh with regard to slavery
8 ,he 6ugitive (lave *aw failed "ecause many slaves moved to -anada7 Northerners
refused to o"ey the law7 and hounded slave catchers returned to the (outh It was NO,
"ecause plantation owners did not want returned slaves
' ,he pu"lication of $ncle ,om&s -a"in turned many more people against slavery
10 ,he 8ansas-Ne"raska 9ct nullified the %issouri -ompromise "ecause it allowed slavery
in new Northern territories if the people living there voted to allow it
11 ,he 8ansas-Ne"raska 9ct led to a violent struggle over slavery in 8ansas
1) ,he (upreme -ourt decided that 9frican 9mericans did not have the right to sue in
federal court as a result of the 4red (cott case
1+ :ohn ;rown hoped his raid at 5arper&s 6erry would create a slave re"ellion that would
"ring an end to slavery
1. ,he *incoln-4ouglas de"ates of 1808 impact his political future "ecause he "ecame
known throughout the nation
10 6ollowing the presidential election of 18/07 it "ecame apparent that the nation was
divided over slavery
1/ (outh -arolina&s shelling of 6ort (umter turned the secession crisis into a civil war