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Austin Foundation

Name of Organization: Harden County Healthy Carolinians

Street Address/P. O Box: 225 Main Street
City: Huntersville

State: NC Zip: 28078
County: Harden

Name of contact person: Michelle Malloy

Title of contact person: Health Promotion Director

Phone number: 704-555-2323
Name of project: Fit Family and Friends

Geographic area and/or target population served: Harden County/Huntington Green

Project Dates: March 1, 2014 May 31, 2014

Amount requested: $5000.00

Signature of Authorized Agency Representative:
Michelle Malloy
February 23, 2014

1. Describe the organizations mission, goals, programs/services.

Healthy Carolinians is a statewide network of 72 partnerships that address health and safety
issues at the community level. The organizations efforts align with Healthy People 2020
objectives to identify health priorities, as well as create and support collaborative efforts to
improve them. We strive for physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy communities.

Harden County Healthy Carolinians was formed in 1998 as one of five pilot coalitions with a
mission to improve communication, identify, obtain, and more efficiently distribute resources,
and more effectively utilize partnerships to improve health and quality of life in Harden County.

Our coalition collaborated with the local health department to write the NC State Childhood
Obesity Prevention Program in 2008, receiving a $500,000 grant to administer the program. We
have received recognition from the North Carolina Cooperative Extension for our work in
physical activity and nutrition. In 2001, we were awarded a grant for our SAFE Kids program,
which is sustained currently. Another sustained program that was implemented in 1999 is our
teen pregnancy prevention program.

Harden County Healthy Carolinians provides a wide variety of successful services for the
community including the Body Recall senior exercise program, Sun Safety for middle school
children, spit tobacco prevention in youth, and Project Direct Diabetes which has been funded
by the American Diabetes Association since 2005.

2. Provide a description of the project including key strategies, timeline for project.

The Fit Family & Friends program will promote healthy dietary habits and physical activity
through lifestyle education in an effort to reduce obesity rates of children in the Huntington
Green Community. This will be a 12-week after-school program for approximately 25 children
in the community conducted from March 1, 2014 to May 31, 2014, and consisting of two 45-
minute fitness sessions and one 45-minute nutrition education class per week. This program will
be modeled after the Smart Moves/Bright Bodies program, a research-tested intervention
program with 100% effectiveness.

The exercise component of the program will include a variety of sports and aerobic fitness
routines conducted in the neighborhood community center, which has an outdoor area suitable
for recreational activities as well. The nutritional component will be centered around creating a
community produce garden on a vacant parcel of land adjacent to the community center, where
participants will learn gardening skills, along with healthy food preparation ideas that will
emphasize low-fat, nutrient-dense food, and moderate portions. Additionally, a community
garden will provide sustainable access to fruits and vegetables for the whole neighborhood.
Volunteers from local churches and gardening clubs will be trained to sustain the exercise
component of the program, as well as the upkeep of the garden. Surveys will be conducted to
assess the childrens physical activity levels, fruit/vegetable consumption, and BMI, prior to the
program, upon completion, and 3 months following the program, in addition to a mid-point
formative evaluation.

3. Describe the program/need that the program will address.

Harden County is located in Southeastern North Carolina and consistently ranks as the poorest
county in the state, as well as one of the poorest in the nation as a whole. According to Census
2012, the area has a population of 135,000, of which 31% are living in poverty, significantly
higher than the state average of 17%. It is one of the few counties in the United States with a
majority-minority population, where the combined population of American Indian, African
American, and Hispanic residents constitute more than 68% of the total. The median household
income is $30,167, compared with a state of $46,450, and a national of $53,046 (Census 2012).
The unemployment rate in the county is currently 12% with a statewide average of 8% and a
national average of 7%. The overweight and obesity rate for children in Harden County is an
alarming 40%, whereas the state rate is 27.8%. These are all significant risk factors for health
disparities, preventable differences in the burden of disease to achieve optimal health that are
experienced by socially disadvantaged populations.

The targeted community, Huntington Green, consists of 330 mobile homes and a population of
1800 residents, with the majority living well below the poverty level and many unemployed.
Graduation rates in the community have ranged from 0% to 30% in previous years.

Healthy Carolinians performed a community health assessment in 2010, which identified
chronic disease and disability prevention by reducing the rate of obesity in high school students
and adults as the top health priority in Harden County. Obesity contributes to a variety of
serious diseases including heart disease, diabetes, stroke, as well as poor general health.

4. List the overall goal (s) of the program.

1. To increase fruit and vegetable consumption and participation in physical activity for
the children of Huntington Green.
2. To reduce the rate of obesity and risk of chronic disease by promoting healthy lifestyle

5. List the objectives. These should be measurable.

1. By May 31, 2014, at least 50% of the participants will have increased their fruit and
vegetable consumption to 3-5 servings per day.
2. By May 31, 2014, at least 75% of the participants will engage in a minimum of 30-60
minutes of physical activity 5 days a week.
3. By May 31, 2014, at least 20 children will have completed the Fit Family and Friends

6. List the strategies you will utilize to reach the program objectives.

1. Set up an informational/planning meeting with church groups already active in the
Huntington Green Community, as well staff members from Healthy Carolinians who will
be involved in the project.
2. Conduct an informational session for families in the community to promote Fit Family
and Friends program, enroll children and conduct pre-survey to establish baselines for
goals, identify particular interests/needs of enrollees.
3. Meet with local garden club members who have volunteered to help set up community
garden to finalize plan and budget.
4. Plan fitness and gardening/nutrition activities and schedule for children.
5. Purchase supplies needed for physical activities and garden.
6. Print out educational materials, volunteer schedules, post-surveys and evaluations.
7. Mid-program meeting and survey to assess progress, identify any problems.
8. Conduct post survey and evaluations, compile data.
9. Report program success to Austin Foundation, and provide report data to Healthy

7. State how, when, and by whom an evaluation will be conducted including any reports
that will be compiled and how the evaluation will be used for program improvements.

Harden County Healthy Carolinians will conduct evaluations of the Fit Family and Friends
program to determine whether it met the desired objectives. Evaluations will include:
Pre- and post-surveys, as well a midpoint functional evaluation, to assess fruit/vegetable
consumption and physical activity levels of children.
Pre- and post-evaluations , as well as a midpoint functional evaluation, of BMI levels of
Participant satisfaction survey.
Documentation of number of participants.

At the completion of the Fit Family and Friends program, a summative evaluation will be
compiled to evaluate the effectiveness of program and will be reported to the Austin Foundation
via e-mail by June 15, 2014.

8. If the program will be continued after the funding period, please specify source of
funding and commitment of your agency.

Local churches have volunteers and funding already in place to assist the Huntington Green
community, and are committed to maintaining the exercise component of the program,
eventually offering it to the adults in the community also. Harden County Healthy Carolinians
will coordinate the ongoing funding of the community garden, and placement of volunteers from
the churches, gardening clubs, and other organizations, as well as residents of the Huntington
Green community to maintain the community garden, with each group responsible for a
designated plot. The garden will have benches and a picnic table available for nutrition classes
conducted by the volunteers.

Budget Sheet

Project/program Budget Year (s): March 1, 2014May 31, 2014

Total amount of requested: $ 5000.00

Item Item cost/amount needed Total amount
In-Kind Salaries:

Volunteer fitness activity
Provided by church groups
$20/hr 1.5 hr/wk x 12 weeks
Volunteer irrigation install
Provided by local installer $500.00
Volunteer gardening/
Nutrition instructors
Provided by church groups
$20/hr 1hr/wk x 12 weeks

In-Kind Materials:

Garden shed
Donated by local hardware store $500.00
Total In-Kind

Funding Request:

Soil testing
Irrigation system
Fertilizer (bulk)
Seeds (bulk)
Garden tools (hoes, shovels,
spades, pruners,trowels,etc)

Tiller rental
Liability insurance
$50.00 each x 2 $100.00
Incidentals for garden
$10.00 each x 5 $50.00
$7.00 each x 10 $70.00
Pre, Mid, and Post-surveys
$0.05/page; 4 pages x 25 copies $50.00
Recipe booklet
$0.05/page; 4 pages x 25 copies $50.00
Food supplies for recipes
$10.00/person x 25 $250.00
Bowls and utensils for
Yoga mats
$10.00 each x 25 $250.00
Printed T-shirts
$5.00 each x 50 $250.00
Picnic table
Trash barrels
$20.00 each x 2 $40.00
Total requested