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David Sanchez 3/4 Period

There is evidence that shows in the Earths crust there are plates that move.
Earthquakes are evidence of plate tectonics and that the plates move. There are lots of
pieces of evidence that prove that plate tectonics exist. Some examples are the
continents, Continents once used to be all connected into one big continent called
Pangaea. The continents look like a 7 pieces from a jigsaw puzzle. Also, fossil
distribution is a proof that Plate tectonics exist.
Earthquakes and volcanoes relate to Plate tectonics because when the plates
shift or move they can create volcanoes and earthquakes. Earthquakes are specifically
made when two plates move at the same time and get stuck, which ends up creating
plenty of tension. Over time the tension builds up and gets stronger and stronger. Then
when the two plates along the fault line move in opposite directions the seismic activity
is caused. Similarly, volcanoes are related to plate tectonics because when two plates
hit, they come together and create a mountain and then a large body of magma is
formed and the magma rises and melts through the crust and comes out as lava.
In addition, fossil distubution is a way that we can tell that plate tectonics move.
Fossil distribution indicates that all the continents were all once connected, and that
many organisms lived on it. This enormous continent was called Pangaea. When the
continents pulled apart, by a divergent fault, which moved all the organisms into places
all around the world. According to scientists if there were two of the same fossils and
then years later it was found on a different continent then it proves the Pangaea theory.
Furthermore, the rock age is when sea floor spreading occurs and the newer
rock is in the middle replacing the older rock, which gets subducted under a continental
plate. Likewise, sea floor spreading is when the plates pull apart and let the magma out
into the ocean, which ends up cooling down quickly and creates the new rock. With
subduction, this creates an interesting pattern; this outline is shown all over the world
where sea floor spreading occurs. The pattern tells us that the Earth is being replaced
with amounts of new rock and the older rock is being subducted under the continental
In conclusion, there are many ways that prove that plate tectonics move, which
can cause activities such as: earthquakes, volcanoes, and fossil distribution. Plate
tectonics play a big role in our Earth.