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Service Learning

Justice Glaze
My service learning was completed at Beaufort Memorial Hospital from February 3
!"#3$May # !"#3 completing a total of %" &ours' (e wor)ed on 3* +* ,* in t&e -. and /B'
/ur duties were t&ose of a nursing assistant' (e were always assigned to a nursing assistant t&e
first day on eac& floor'
Being on 3*$,* were t&e same re0uirements' (e were given a tour of t&e floor and a
scavenger &unt to be familiarized wit& w&ere t&ings were located' (e arrived at 12""am and
immediately starting doing vital signs' (&ile doing vitals 3 as)ed my patients if t&ey wanted to
ta)e a bat& and if t&ey needed any &ygiene products suc& as soap towels toot&brus& or
toot&paste' 4t %23" we passed out brea)fast trays' 3f needed we fed dependent residents' (e
documented &ow muc& food t&e patients ate and t&e type of meal served' (e made sure all
patients were comfortable and dry' (&enever we offered a s&ower we would ma)e sure all linen
was cleaned if it wasn5t we would c&ange it' 4fter we c&anged linen made sure t&e resident was
clean and dry we would pass around water and ice' 3 did t&is to ma)e sure t&at my resident
wasn5t drin)ing &ot old water'
3n t&e -. 3 got to s&adow Lena' S&e gave me t&e duties of a nursing assistant in a
nuts&ell' S&e assigned me + patients and 3 did vitals' /n one patient 3 got to do a fetal c&ec) on a
pregnant woman' /n anot&er patient 3 got to clean + wounds &e &ad due to a bicycle accident' 3
also got to e6perience a trauma' 4 young lady was in a very serious car accident and s&e was
unconscious and bleeding all over' Lena and 3 didn5t do anyt&ing &ands on wit& &er but we got
to watc&' Being in t&e -. taug&t me t&at you &ave to be on your toes and 0uic) because you
never )now w&at you mig&t &ave to face'
Beaufort Memorial Hospital was a great e6perience for me' 3 got to react wit&
ot&er nursing assistants and nurses' Being apart of t&is was a great time for me to get
more e6perience wit& t&ings 3 weren5t so comfortable wit&' For instance 3 didn5t feel
comfortable ta)ing a patient5s sugar' (&en 3 came into BMH 3 didn5t feel comfortable
doing a blood sugar c&ec) so 3 would always put it on someone t&at 3 felt was more
comfortable performing t&e tas)' 3 also felt a little iffy about ta)ing a blood pressure but
by t&e time we were done at clinical rotations 3 &ad already aced t&em bot&' 3* was t&e
floor t&at taug&t me t&e most because 3 was taug&t &ow to start and remove an 37' *&is
was significant because by t&e ot&er floors 3 &ad w&at was re0uired wit&out being
taug&t' 3 learned t&at regardless of w&ic& floor you wor) on critical t&in)ing is t&e )ey to
success8 especially in t&e -.9