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The secret in this space is the con-
trast between warm-, cold textures
and materials.

Text:Caroline/Design The achromatic colour scheme is a clever op-

Studio 210
tion for the materials to stand out. To create this
industrial design, materials such as: stainless
com/2006/04/18/29 steel, aliminium, other synthetical materials,
solid wood, brick and venteitian plaster were
choosen. All which are hardwearing and highly
priced. All visually and physically strong in tex-

Stainless steel was a wise choice. It’s heat

resistance and handles sun exposure. It’s easy
to maintain, with a good cleaning detergent
(same goes for the cabonets),dirt needs to be
removed straight away. Assuming it’s a solid away the days focal en by balancing out
wood flooring it takes more time than money point: windows and the tall ceilings, em-
to keep it maintained, water can not be used. its beaming light, and phasized windows,
Pointers on brick are: dust collector, needs to creates the nights fo- tall dining chair with
be properly sealed and maintained, reason be- cal point: dining chairs the lower kitchen units
ing fumes from cooking oil can cause a reac- and its woodgrain. (which are hard to tell
tion to the bricks. Because of the cool brick wall, The sleek, glossy fur- wether they are fixed
heating must be prioritized. niture helps the light or no). The require-
to illuminate very ments for harmony
Regardin what type of lighting the space has,it’s well. has according to me
hard to tell from the picture. The lamp above the been met in this par-
table comes alive at night when it adds to that Great proportion ticular space.
dramatic look with its yellow glow. Then taking throughout the kitch-