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Pre-lab Questions-
1. How does a frog catch its prey?
2. What is the purpose of the frogs skin?
3. True/False: Frogs reproduce asexually.
4. True/False: Males fertilize the females eggs externally.
5. True/False: Tadpoles begin life with external gills.
6. Which classification group of animals do frogs belong?
7. True/False: Frogs are carnivores.
8. How do frogs breathe?
Frog Dissection Lab Questions
1. Dorsal means _________________ . Ventral means ________________________.
2. Which is lighter, the dorsal or ventral side?
3. How many eyelids do frogs have?
4. How many parts of the lung are there?
5. What are fat bodies used for?
6. Describe what the frogs kidneys look like.
7. Where is the cloaca and what is its function?
8. Measurements of the frogs backbone should be performed using which one? (circle)
a. Centimeters
b. Millimeters
c. Meters
9. Give the names of the two different types of teeth
10. What is another name for the frogs nostrils?
11. What is the name of the opening of the trachea?
12. What amplifies the males mating call?
13. Where/how is the first incision of the internal frog anatomy to be made?
14. True/False: You are NOT to cut through the sternum of the frog.
15. How many optic lobes are there?
16. How many chambers of the heart do frogs have? Humans?
17. What is the tube where the females eggs travel through?
18. Whats the purpose of the gall bladder?