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Haiti Training Session 1


I. REMEMBER the Call: Matthew 28:19-20, John 15:16

How did God call me for this mission trip?
How can I fulfill my role as a servant and as a guest?
What has God been showing me and how has He been working in me so
far in my preparation?
What can I do to prepare myself to be a good team member?

II. EXPRESS your concerns: Proverbs 3:5-8; Philippians: 4-7

How am I feeling as the trip nears?
What concerns me about situations or people I may encounter?
In what ways do I feel overwhelmed or underprepared?
What weaknesses do I see in myself as I prepare to go to Haiti?
What frightens me about sharing my faith?

III. FOCUS on the mission: Romans 12:9-18

How do I view the people I will be working with?
How will I establish relationship?
How will I overcome fears to accomplish the mission?
How can I keep myself open to prompts that come along?

IV. AFTER we return: Luke 17: 7-10

Will I feel like Paul when he was away from other believers?