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Michelle Lee

Elementary Inclusive Preservice Program Lesson Plan

Lesson title: Virtue of the month Determination
Grade/age level: 1st
Date (intended teaching date): Wednesday 03/05/14

Learning Objective(s)
What do you want students
to know, understand, or be
able to do as a result of this

Students will understand and make meaning of the word determination and apply
it to their own learning.
I want them to understand that we can set goals for ourselves and if we are
determined and motivated and try our best, we can reach those goals.

Evidence for
Where will you look
(product, performance,
documentation you create,
etc.) for signs of student
What will you look for?
What are your criteria?
(examples of statements or
actions that would show the
particular kinds of
understandings, learnings,
&/or skills you are after?)

I will look to see if students recognize acts of determination represented in the read-
aloud: How or what does it look like when a person is determined to do something?
When he wants to get something really badly?

I will look to see if students can translate this understanding of determination into
their own lives. In other words, applying it to themselves and brainstorming things
they are determined to achieve.
Why are you teaching this
lesson? What connections
does it have to standards?
Does it connect to students
interests, strengths, and

This lesson introduces the virtue of the month. I also think it is a great reflection
activity for students to engage in. They can think about where they are at as a
learner/student, and set goals, either for the rest of the day, for the school year,
personal goals, goals at home, etc. I think that recognizing goals is the first step
towards achieving them. It connects to students need of self-evaluation.
Prerequisite Knowledge
What prior knowledge are
you counting on? Will this be
a problem for any of your
students and if so, what will
you do?

Students have set goals before for their reading, writing, and math, in their small
brown spiral notebooks. Hopefully they still remember the concept of goal setting.
It might be a little different because those goals were prompted and the goals for
this lesson will be different for each student. To alleviate this, I will also begin a
short list of possible goals for the students that they can use for inspiration.
Learning Experience
In each section below, specify the sequence of instructional activities.
Consider how you will manage materials, bodies, and time. Use small
boxes to indicate time.
What will you look/listen to/for?
Doing It
Outline your sequence of
instructional moves including
participation structures,
materials, intellectual
resources, and time allotted.
Is there a product or
performance you will be
expecting students to
-Read aloud of Tillie and the Wall,
incorporating some student interaction to
push them towards recognizing the
concept of trying really hard to succeed at
-Discuss possible definitions of
determination based on the way its
represented in the book and our class
discussion. Will map these onto a web on
the white board.
-Students will think of some goals they
have: count on their three fingers, three
possible goals for themselves. Then, turn
and talk with partners.
-Students will go to their table groups and
will each be given an index card. On this
card, they will write one goal they have
for themselves and illustrate it. A
sentence started will be provided: I am
determined to______

Finishing It
How will you bring students
to closure with this learning
experience and connect it to
future learning?

Back at the rug, students will share their
goal and brainstorm ways they can
achieve that goal.
The index cards will go on a chart for the
virtue of the month.

Materials Needed

Index cards, chart paper, coloring materials, Tillie and the Wall

25 mins

7 mins