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One day a rabbit was in the garden eating carrots.

When he was about to go home

he saw the farmer. So he needed to hide. But where could he hide? The carrots ar
e under the ground only the leaves were out. He could not hide there but the far
mer was coming closer to him, then he had an idea to dig a hole and cover the to
p of the hole with leaves and twigs and wait until the farmer leaves.
But the farmer did not leave because he needed some carrots to make soup. Then t
he rabbit had another idea, he would dig under to the lettuce patch and go home,
he will get muddy if he did that but if that was the only way to go home he wil
l do it. And that was the only way to go home. So he did it but by the time he g
ot home he was very muddy and tired. So he went to bed. When he got up he took a
bath, when he got out he had a nice meal with his family.
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The End