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Mel was a 7 year old girl, with the heart as the size of an elephant.

I think ma
ybe even bigger. She loved to read and write. She lived in a family of a Mom, a
Dad, and an older brother named Danny. Mel was short for Melanie.
One day, Mel was riding her bike down Crazy Street. (It got it's name by having
crazy twists and turns.) When Mel was riding threw a twist, she saw a girl stand
ing in front of her. Mel stopped the bike just in time. "Hi," Mel said. "I'm Mel
anie, and I like to be called Mel. Who are you?" The girl stood there for a long
moment. "Lizzie," she replied finally. "I am new here, and shy. Will you show m
e around Mel?" "Sure, of course!" Mel agreed as she put down her kick stand. "My
bike will be okay here. For now, at least."
Mel showed Lizzie around Crazy Street, Wild Creek, (which was a creek where the
water was so wild and had so many rapids) Dark Forest, (which was a forest whic
h was always dark) Sparkling Falls, (which was a water fall which always sparkle
d and shined.) and Animal Cave. (That's where all the animals came during the wi
nter and hybernated) When they got back to Crazy Street, Mel's bike was laying f
lat on the ground. "I was sure I put the kickstand up," Mel said with worry. "Ma
ybe, it fell down anyway," Lizzie suggested. "I don't think so," Lizzie replied.
"Maybe it was an animal, let's go to my house," Mel said. Mel rode her bike to
her house. "Here we are," Mel said as they finally got there. "Home at last."
They walked into the house when Mel's Mom said, "hello Mel. Who's this?" "This i
s Lizzie," Mel intruduced. "She's new in town, so she asked me to show her aroun
d." Mel hugged her Mom. "Oh Mommy, may Lizzie please stay over to play?" "Yes,"
Mom replied, hugging Mel back. "Of course. Do you know your new phone number, Li
zzie? Maybe you can stay for a sleep over." "Yes, I do know my new phone number.
" She told her. Mom diled the numbers and talked to Lizzie's Mom. "It's all set,
" Mom said after she hung up the phone. "Lizzie, your Mom is dropping off some o
f your clothes."