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Jigs and Fixtures

Increased Consistency and Efficiency

What is a Jig
-Typically a simple movable device to
increase accuracy.
-Used to increase productivity.
-Allows a variety of tools to be used.
-Adjusts for various tools instead of
purchasing new tools.
Why use a Jig?
Useful when making
multiple parts or
repeating a pattern.
Jigs let you speed up
your work.
You don't have to
individually adjust
every piece you are
cutting, sanding,
bending, forming, etc.
Jig Example

More of a permanent tool that is used for
assembly purposes.
Typically does not have as much flexibility as
a jig.
Most likely used for high volume production.
Made of durable materials such as tool steel,
iron, aluminum alloys, etc.

Other Fixture Examples
Used most commonly
for welding and metal
assembly work.
Typically used for
products that must be
very precise.
Sometimes are exposed
to high temperatures
and stresses
Is it necessary to still measure and check your
design after fabrication? Why?