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CATEGORY 4 3 2 1

Posture and Eye Stands up straight, Stands up straight Sometimes stands Slouches and/or
looks relaxed and and establishes eye up straight and does not look at
Contact confident. contact with establishes eye people during the
Establishes eye everyone in the room contact. presentation.
contact with during the
everyone in the room presentation.
during the

Preparedness Student is Student seems pretty The student is Student does not
completely prepared prepared but might somewhat prepared, seem at all prepared
and has obviously have needed a but it is clear that to present.
rehearsed. couple more rehearsal was
rehearsals. lacking.

Question & Student is able to Student is able to Student is able to Student is unable to
accurately answer accurately answer accurately answer a accurately answer
Answer Session almost all questions most questions few questions posed questions posed by
posed by classmates posed by classmates by classmates about classmates about the
about the topic. about the topic. the topic. topic.

Volume Volume is loud Volume is loud Volume is loud Volume often too soft
enough to be heard enough to be heard enough to be heard to be heard by all
by all audience by all audience by all audience audience members.
members throughout members at least members at least
the presentation. 90% of the time. 80% of the time.
Student’s Name __________________________ Trimester ____

Interest Project Topic _________________________

CATEGORY 12 9 6 3
Interest Project Covers topic in-depth Includes essential Includes essential Content is minimal
with details and knowledge about the information about the OR there are several
examples. Subject topic. Subject topic but there are 1- factual errors.
knowledge is knowledge appears 2 factual errors.
excellent. to be good.

CATEGORY 12 9 6 3
Math Explanation shows Explanation shows Explanation shows Explanation shows
complete substantial some understanding very limited
understanding of the understanding of the of the mathematical understanding of the
mathematical mathematical concepts needed to underlying concepts
concepts used to concepts used to solve the problem(s). needed to solve the
solve the problem(s). solve the problem
problem(s). (s) OR is not written.