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American Studies Postgraduate Conference Timetable

Graduate School, Ground Floor, Ellen Wilkinson Building, University of Manchester

Friday 23
1100-1115 Introduction
1115-1245 Panel 1: Reading American Identity on Page and Screen
Tony Harrison (University of Manchester)
Trauma, Myth and the Quest Narrative in Cormac McCarthys The Crossing
Megan Hunt (Northumbria University)
Remembering Segregation and Activism in 1963-1964: The Help and Hollywoods Civil Rights Movement
Emma Horrex (University of Hull)
Not so Peripheral: Representing girl gang culture in Mi Vida Loca
Josh Gulam (University of Manchester)
The Left's Mr Right? The Ides of March and the Limits of George Clooney's Liberal Activism
1245-1330 Lunch (Graduate School Atrium)
1330-1500 Panel 2: Creating the Postwar American at Home and Abroad
James Heath (Sussex University)
The Good Side of the South? Race Class and Politics in the South Carolina of Olin D. Johnston
Ben Walker (University of Manchester)
U.S Philippine Relations, 1946-1969
Jon Coburn (Northumbria University)
We Made a Difference: Success and Identity in the Memoir of a Womans Peace Activist
H. Howell Williams (The New School, NYC)
From Parent to Child: Rethinking Family Values Discourse
1500-1515 Break (Refreshments served in Graduate School Atrium)
1515-1600 From Academic to Academy: Training Session
James West (University of Manchester)
Postgraduate outreach opportunities and research impact
Andrew Fearnley (University of Manchester)
From academic to academy: an early career perspective
Additional Commentary from Patrick Doyle (University of Manchester soon to be new member of staff at Royal
Holloway from Sept 14)
1600-1615 Break
1615-1745 Keynote: Stacey Robertson
"Listening to our Ancestors: How Nineteenth-Century Abolitionists Can Help us Fight Contemporary Slavery."
This talk explores the transnational Free Produce Movement with particular emphasis on its moral and
marketing lessons for today's abolitionists.
Stacey is the Interim Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the Oglesby Professor of American
Heritage at Bradley University. She is the author of four books: Betsy Mix Cowles: Champion of Equality
(2014), Hearts Beating for Liberty: Women Abolitionists in the Old Northwest (2010), Parker Pillsbury: Radical
Abolitionist, Male Feminist (2000), and Antebellum Women: Private, Public, and Political, co-authored with
Carol Lasser (2010). She is also the co-director of the non-profit organization Historians Against Slavery.