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Noe Albarran

Commitment is a term that is commonly paired with responsibility something that I take very
seriosly! "hen I think o# commitment$ I think passion and motivation! It isn%t something that
someone can pll ot o# nowhere and wave arond #reely! &here has to be passion and interest
that others can clearly see! Commitment can be scary and overwhelming at times$ especially
when yo have to make big sacri#ices! &hroghot my li#e I%ve had to #ace obstacles that have
not only changed me as a person$ bt as a member in my local commnity! As an ndocmented
stdent I have been nable to apply #or certain scholarships$ internships$ and smmer programs!
As clich' as it may sond$ I was devastated by the #act that I was nable to receive or e(perience
these things de to my stats) over something that I had no say in or control o#! It de#initely took
me a while to recover and retrn to my old sel#! &his is when I told mysel# something had to
change soon! A#ter e(tensive research$ I #ond an organi*ation called A+AC ,Ari*ona +ream
Act Coalition- which is a yoth-led organi*ation #ocsing on the #ight #or higher edcation and
immigrant rights! .ince then I%ve committed a lot o# my time towards this grop o# people that I
can now call my #riends! &he time that I%ve devoted to A+AC has mainly revolved arond
protests$ canvassing$ and edcating the commnity! /y parents have been really big spporters
and have tried to help me along the way! 0ne o# the sacri#ices that I%ve had to make in the past
was to skip school to attend a protest! &o some it may not be a hge deal$ bt it was one o# the
hardest decisions that I%ve ever made! .chool is something that I highly vale which made this
12( harder! I made a commitment to be the di##erence and help others like me achieve a higher
edcation! &hat was what tipped my scale and what motivated me to attend the protest!
3aving the privilege to an 3onors edcation can help me achieve my goal on becoming better
leader to possibly lead A+AC in the #tre! Althogh my goals post-college are to be a
pharmacist$ this is always something I #eel strongly abot$ ths enabling me to apply my
e(periences #rom the college in both areas! I know that in the 3onors College$ stdents are able
to work with others one on one and get more individali*ed attention! I cold de#initely bene#it
#rom this individali*ed attention #or a cople reasons! 4nlike in a traditional setting$ I will be
able to bild a meaning#l relationship with those who I am gided by sch as pro#essors! 5rom
previos observation and a little research$ stdents #eel more motivated in a small classroom
setting! In a small setting not only does learning become easier$ teaching becomes more
en6oyable #or the teachers! I come #rom a high school with a small learning environment$ and
#rom personal e(perience learning is mch more en6oyable on both ends o# the table!