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Reflection No. 3


The Triune Brain Theory as postulated by Paul d. Maclean can be considered as one of the most
controversial psychological theory. The reason for its controversy is that it somewhat merge with the
issue of evolution which is refuted by the field of divinity, theology and the likes; this, is indeed
unacceptable if we are to consider it using the deepest spiritual perspective. However, it may find its
allies in the field of empirical sciences and the likes. For instance, there is a so called microevolution
which has gained acceptance in the field of biology, and its allied sciences where it is defined as
evolution on a small scale or evolution within a single population. That means narrowing our focus to
one branch of the tree of life, this happened due to change in gene frequency within a population
( The said micro evolution is different to micro evolution in the sense that the prior is
confined solely to the species or types while the latter or Macroevolution refers to major evolutionary
changes over time, the origin of new types of organisms from previously existing, but different, ancestral
Upon knowing the triune theory, and considering it to prior knowledge of evolution, I felt that,
there is somehow a possibility of changes which had happened in our forefathers which leads to the
new types of species which happens to be us nowadays.
There is indeed sense in the way Maclean explained his theory. For instance, the biological
classification of man are as follows: KingdomAnimalia; Phylum Chordata; Class mamalia; Order Primates;
Family Hominidae; Tribe Hominini; Genus Homo; Species: Homo sapiens (, thus;
it infuses a more mind bugling and distracting thought in my head. Furthermore, there is a passage in
the bible which states that For the fate of the sons of men and the fate of beasts is the same. As one
dies so dies the other; indeed, they all have the same breath and there is no advantage for man over
beast, for all is vanity (Ecclesiastes 3:19, NST). Thus, with the foregoing taken into consideration, added
with that of the Triune Brain Theory one cannot help but wonder if indeed there is truth in the matter.
However, having faith in the scripture, and the church, all the foregoing has been casted aside in
my system, for; firm belief in spirituality and the likes is far more superior to that of the prior arguments.
This however, leaves a moral lesson which must affect everyone of us, in that; having flesh and blood,
we can indeed be likened to an animal; we have tendencies which parallels that of the animal species;
and we indeed belong biologically speaking to the animal kingdom if we will not act in manner which is
in tune with that of the intellectuals.
Also, having the Triune Brain Theory as a background, we can more or less be guided on how to
go about our daily living; meaning, having a layer of Reptilian brain enables us to perceive sensation,
Mamalian to react accordingly to the schemas there is around with proper emotion, and lastly; having
the neocortex thought enables us to act with intellectual and/or judicial disposition over the matters
which affect us in day to day living, this; balances the tendencies over clinging to that of emotional
response to the perceived schemas in the surroundings which is often seen in the way animals deal with
their surroundings.
Jiving with that of the foregoing statements on the Triune Brain Theory, it seems that the theory
of Jean Piaget is of no difference, which goes like this: being in the Pre operational stage, we seem to
have a reptilian brain, for there is no firm and rational judgment yet and we rely only on our emotions;
here, we do not yet understand concrete logic, cannot mentally manipulate information, and are unable
to take the point of view of other people, which he termed egocentrism ( We
also get to the point of attaining the concrete operational stage begins around age seven and continues
until approximately age eleven. During this time, children gain a better understanding of mental
operations. Children begin thinking logically about concrete events, but have difficulty understanding
abstract or hypothetical concepts. Note that, this is somewhat in line with the Triune Brain Theorys
neocortex thought in the sense that we mature in some way and are able to react accordingly. And
lastly, as we get to the point of Formal operational stage, we became rational enough and this is the
same with that of the latter. Thus, development theories such as these must be taken into
consideration; however, we must not overindulge in the concept which fosters heretical concepts like
that of evolution which has been mentioned in that of MacLean and his likes.

1. Defining microevolution.

2. Is man an animal...because the bible says so?

3. Characteristics of the Preoperational Stage.