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Faculty of Shri Vinayak Technical Classes and RIVAL

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Guess Paper 2

Branch Electrical
First question is compulsory and attempt any 5 questions in rest off.
Q: 1 give the answer of following: 2*5=10
A: what is traction substation?
B: why dc series motor used in traction?
C: what is the Group and individual drives?
D: what is illumination?
E: What is Inverse square law?

Q: 2 (A) Explain DC series motor characteristics? 2*6=12
(B) Comparison between D.C. and A.C. systems of railway electrification form the point of view of
main line and suburban line railway service?

Q: 3 (A) Explain Tractive effort for propulsion of train?
(B) Explain Advantages of electrical drives over mechanical drives? 2*6=12

Q: 4 (A) Write advantages of electrical heating and Explain Dielectric heating? 2*6=12
(B) Which induction motor is used in following application and why? 2. drilling machine 3.elevators 4. mixers
Q: 5 (A) Write Principle of electric welding and explain Spot welding? 2*6=12
(B) Compare between resistance and arc welding and explain carbon arc welding?

Q: 6 (A) Explain construction and working of sodium vapor lamp? 2*6=12
(B) explain construction and working of loco motive with diagram?

Q: 7 (A) Explain Current collector for overhead systems? 2*6=12
(B) Drive Sag and tension calculation for a trolley wire?

Q: 8 give short notes of any 3: 3*4=12
a. Lighting schemes for flood light
b. negative booster
c. Factors affecting schedule speed
d. Comparison of fluorescent tubes and filament lamps
e. Definition of crest speed, average speed ,schedule speed, dead weight, accelerating weight and
adhesion weight