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Grade Level: 6


Objectives: Students will demonstrate mastery of scale patterns through individual playing tests.
Students will continue to work on balance across sections within Andantino and March and
Largo. Students will discuss aspects of music that they heard from a recording that they would
like to incorporate in their playing. Students will demonstrate different bowing techniques within
the pieces. Students will express contrasting character utilizing marcato and legato bow strokes.

Time required: 50min

Essentials for Strings
Essential Technique Book 2
Andantino and March
Snark tuners

Review B-flat Major in 3rds from Essentials for Strings
Individual tests
Review scale E-flat Major with Arpeggios
Review Rhythmic exercise

1. Present slide for objectives for class include details
2. Tuning/Individual Warm Up
a. Students enter the room, assemble instruments, retrieve folders, take a snark tuner for
themselves and their stand partners/group
b. I will pass out playing charts/help with tuning/answer questions/remind students to
remain on task
3. Playing Tests
a. 1 or 2 times through with group playing remind students to use more bow
especially for the quarter notes
b. Draw 5 names out of the bin
c. Alternate group and solo playing rhythm exercise D Major Triplets
d. I go around and listen to individuals, then instruct the group to play
e. While the group is playing give individual feedback on their test
4. Largo
a. Raise your hand if you remember the recording of Largo that I played for us last
b. What is one thing that you liked about how that orchestra played the music?
c. What is one thing our orchestra can do to sound more like them?
d. I would like to see everyone using their entire bows, sometimes we stop short of the
tip or the frog. Lets all aim to keep our bows moving from tip to frog to help create a
fluid and almost endless bow
e. First chord hold your note (my cue) and see if you can change bow directions
without hearing a hole in your sound
f. First 4 chords again try not to have a hole in your sound
g. Play the entire piece, we are aiming for continuous sound and no audible bow
changes in the long notes
5. Andantino and March (2
Movement March)
a. Marcato Bow Stroke
b. Help students create a sound that has a clear and heavy beginning of the note a slight
decay but uses a lot of bow
c. Demonstrate some marcato strokes
d. Your Turn play 4 marcato Ds using as much bow as you can while still remaining
with my claps, now play 4 legato Ds
e. Completely different character from Largo
f. Play all the way through for continuity

Assignment: Practice part A and B for quizzes