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Unit 29: Music Video Production

Pre-Production Booklet for Music Video

Name: Ben Snellgrove
Order of contents (italics show areas you must add in yourself)
Song - Radioactive Imagine Dragons
Meaning of the song
Mood board
Props list
Locations Icknield Commnity College
Shooting schedle
Call sheet
Risk assessment - !lectricals
Rles for yor prodction
Your potential track must conform to the following criteria:
"# It mst provide opportnities for original and creative $ork
%# It mst have a clearly definable target adience
&# It mst be generically identifiable i#e as clearly belonging to a
particlar genre'sb'genre
(# it mst be of digital )ality and in an appropriate format for
captring to *dobe Premiere Pro CS+
+# ,he track mst have been missed and recorded to a high
standard- inclding if sing an independent artist .e#g# local band/
0# 1o need to be able to prove yo have checked o$nership and
have soght permission to se the track#
Your choices will need to:
"# 2e filtered ot by yor teacher if nsitable .please anticipate the
likely 3secondary3 adience at 4enley .parents- yonger children-
principle etc/
%# Inspire the grop to make a creative- original msic video that ses
and'or challenges conventions
&# 2e sitable for broadcast on mainstream msic television so
- 5o s$earing
- 5o se6ally aggressive langage'imagery
- *void drg related lyrics'imagery
Song title
Chasing Cars
Snow Patrol
Alternative Rock
What are the conventions of music videos from this genre?
Usually the artist wears casual clothes, and there is a narrative featuring people that arent in
the band. The songs are quite often about a story or event, and so they can show this across
by having actors carry out a narrative. It isnt unusual to have the band feature in the song at
the same time though.
How are you going to meet these conventions in your video?
Style (in-concert and as live footage; animation (stop motion, digital); interpretative; narrative;
impressionist; surrealist; pastiche; parody; referencing; homage)
My music videos was all of filmed footage
In my music video i would like to try and represent some of the conventions i spoke about.
These include casual clothing such as jackets, t-shirts and jeans.
The lighting in my video was natural. In some shots, the sun effects the shot, but does not
make the shot worse at any stage. The final shot in my music video is all about the lighting,
and it works well.
The location of my music video is set in a field. I chose this setting because it suited the style
of video that the song was about. Also, the location was close, therefore making filming a lot
Shot types
My shots range from lots of long shots, to medium shots and close ups. The reason for long
shots is too show them both together. Medium shots are used as the specify on one
character, and close ups are used to show emotion, which this song is all about.
What music videos have you watched to research your genre?
I used lots of snow patrol songs to do my research on. The reason for this is that they are
all similar, therefore their videos will have a link. Similar artists such as James Blunt has a
similar style of music, and some of my inspiration was from his song; Wisemen.
How have these videos influenced the decisions made? Include screen shots of the key
I do feel that some of the aspects from these music videos have influenced some of the
decisions of shot types i will make. For instance, the close up shots allow emotion to be
showed, which is key for a song like this.
Insert the song lyrics below
We'll do it all
On our own
We don't need
Or anyone
If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me and just forget the world
I don't quite know
How to say
How I feel
Those three words,
Are said too muh
They're not enough
If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me and just forget the world!
"orget what we're told
#efore we get too old
$how me a garden that's %ursting into life
&et's waste time
'hasing ars
Around our heads
(In al%um version %ut not in musi video)
I need your grae
To remind me
To find my own
If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me and just forget the world!
"orget what we're told
#efore we get too old
$how me a garden that's %ursting into life
All that I am
All that I ever was
Is here in your *erfet eyes
They're all I an see
I don't know where
'onfused a%out how as well
+ust know that these things
Will never hange for us at all
If I lay here
If I just lay here
Meaning of the song
Does the song have a meaning? If so, what is it?
The meaning of the song is about taking someone back. Hes asking questions, and
the girl is also asking the same. The flashbacks represent how they used to be
together, and now how theyve come apart. It shows this in the video, and now how
they are sending the same message to each other, but not realising it.
How will your visuals relate to the song? (Illustrate, Amplify or Disjuncture)
I think my visuals will link to song and this will be shown with timing if shots, type of shots
and when they cut. The timing of shots changes depening on the lyrics. At times there are
shots that last about 15 seconds, but others, such as flashbacks, can last up to a maximum
of 2 seconds. The type of shots chosen are key, as ive already explained.
Insert your storyboard here
Think carefully about the shots you will be using. Consider the range of shots/angles
to give interest and perspective
Description of what will happen in your video inc. camera
movements, angles etc
Shot 1; nick playing guitar
Shot 2; group preparing
Shot 3; group preparing
Shot 4; nick practising on guitar
Shot 5; group preparing
Shot ; song starts! "##y starts to sing
Shot $; group practising
Shot %; "##y starts singing! &oice in 'ackground! whilst &isuals are group practising
Shot (; start of song! "##y appears
Shot 1); i##y still singing
Shot 11; long shot of all 'and mem'ers
Shot 12; close up of "##y
Shot 13; side shot of group
Shot 14; 'and practising
Shot 15; high shot of all group mem'ers performing
Shot 1; continue to sing! side shot
Shot 1$; nick playing guitar
Shot 1%; group practising
Shot 1(; group playing
Shot 2); shot of "##y singing! then #ooms out and goes to *scar
Shot 21; group talking! singing in 'ackground
Shot 22; close up of +arc playing guitar
Shot 23; group playing
Shot 24; side shot of group
Shot 25; long shot of group
Shot 2; group sat on stage! practising and talking
Shot 2$; final shot! group finishes playing
Mood board
Create a mood board showing what look your music video will have. Add images
showing ideas of mise-en-scene characters costumes and colours that will be
present in the different shots.
Props List
What props / models / furniture etc will you need to make your music video?
No Props
Production Name:
Item Script page Description Character/location Notes
!ocation recce
'om*lete the loation ree for the final venue,
'halgrove -e
"hooting "chedule for production#
7eek Monday ,esday 7ednesday ,hrsday 8riday Satrday Snday
$as done
in this
Call "heet
9II2! PR:D;C,I:5S <
,he 4enley College
Client Information=
Icknield Commnity
Cast and Cre$=
2en Snellgrove-
Sannon Chainey
2en Snellgrove >
Phone 5mber=
?@A?&@"&?@A B ?"A0+ (???%C
Prodction Re)irements= 8ield 2rief=
:ther Information=
$isk assessment of venue
'om*lete risk assessment for the shooting locations
ACT%&%T' (A)A$* $%"+
-$.CA/T%01" %1 -!AC. $.&%.2
.eath l
Please leave this section blank:
$isk Assessment checked by# 1ame 3en "nellgrove "igned
4444444444444444444. *ate 56/78/59
+.'#Activity #*escribe the component part of your pursuit.(a:ard # !ist the
things you anticipate might cause harm or the things associated with your activity
that have the potential to cause harm. Consider the likely harm. $isk# Assess the
risk as either ( ;(igh< , ;,edium< or ! ;!ow<. 2hen concluding your assessment
consider all of the circumstances. -recautions# Consider what
you could do to minimise / negate the risk. %n -lace# 2ill the
precautionary measures be in place at the time of the activity=
$eview *ate# 2hen would it be reasonable to review your assessment=
$emember it might be whilst you are undertaking the activity.
$eviewer# 1ame of the person responsible for completing the risk assessment.
A copy of this form should be taken on the activity or visit by the Reviewer.
%nsert copy of email sent to record label re>uesting permission for the use of
chosen song