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Input/Output Parameters Target Parameters

Name Type Direction Default Value Display Name Description Name Type Preview Value Display Name
CristaDIr Double Input 2,50 SuperficieAlvo Surface -5
CristaEsq Double Input 2,50
TalMon Slope Input 2,00:0
Taljus Slope Input 1,80:0
EspPav Double Input 0,40
EspRipRap Double Input 2,50
EspFiltroVert Double Input 0,70
EspFiltroHor Double Input 1,00
EspTranUnic Double Input 1,00
PescTranUnic Double Input 0,35
RipaRap String Input MAT1
TransUnic String Input MAT2
FiltroVert String Input MAT3
FiltroHor String Input MAT4
Pavimento String Input MAT5
Ncleo String Input MAT6
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