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AD27.19-P-3000-02A Emergency running mode functions of Transmission 722.

6 in models 129, 140,

electronic transmission control (ETC) 163, 170, 202, 208, 210, 463
Electric emergency running mode Mechanical-hydraulic emergency running mode
In order to prevent any further damage occurring to the In order to prevent any further damage occurring to the
transmission after an electrical fault , the gear engaged at that time transmission after a mechanical or hydraulic fault,
the transmission switches into 3rd gear and holds it, or is retained and the assigned fault code is stored.
the transmission switches into the last gear deemed to be
The emergency running program starts in the following sequence:
"good" and holds it.
1. Stop vehicle.
2. Move selector lever into position "P".

3. Switch off engine.
This particular emergency running mode is reset by means of
4. Wait for a period of at least ten seconds.
switching the ignition off and on.
5. Start the engine.
After a restart the vehicle can be driven in 2nd gear or reverse gear

The engaging of " N D" and " N R" is very fierce, because
the electronic transmission control has been deactivated. The
emergency running mode as such can only be reset by means
of clearing the cause of the fault and deleting the fault code
using the HHT or the Star-Diagnostics tool.
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