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Confucianism Taoism Legalism

Founder and date The founder was The founder was Lao Not in the book
Confucius around 551 Tzu but date is
B.C. unknown

Key ideas/beliefs Some key beliefs are It Set forth proper Every man is evil and
duty to one’s family ways form humans to can only be goverened
and share interists with live by. They believe by the ruler and harsh
them and also to be not to work hard but laws and punishments.
governed by the five that heaven will decide
key relationships. Also everything, how life
every confucist worked will be and that
very hard to fufill there everything happens for
duties. a reason.
Religion or Philosophy Philosophy because Philosophy and same Philosophy and same
( and, Why) there is not and god reason as confucianism reason as the other two
they worship and no philosophy
afterlife exist in this
Rank most to least 1, seems like a good 2nd because people 3rd because this
appealing and, Briefly way to live by and had were believed to b e philosophy is awful
tell me why many followers and bad at heart except the and very harsh and un
wasn’t to strict. king fair
Can this system co- yes yes no
exist with any others

By Charles Margiotta