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This document describes the basic operation of a Schneider PLC using Unity Pro XL as an
operation platform. Follow carefully step by step all the indications to perform the following
actions on the PLC. The information of this document is related to Alice TPC, although
similar steps can be applied to every gas system.

1. Open Unity Pro XL.
You will find the icon of Unity Pro on the desktop of your PC. If not, go to

Start >All Programs >Schneider Electric >Unity Pro >Unity Pro XL.

2. Open the current project.
Open the current Unity project (.stu) stored on the C: drive of your PC. The path usually is.


Choose the last version of the project. Last version means that if you find a _6.stu file is
newer than _5.stu.

If you dont find the file, you can go to

where you will find the currently version installed on the PLC.


Once you have opened the Unity Pro Project you can manage your PLC.

1. Set address of the PLC you want to connect to.

Open the window.

The IP address of your PLC is
Normally the address is set. Check that it is the correct one.
Click OK.

2. Connect to the PLC
After doing this, you will see some icons change on your Unity screen

3. Run / Stop the PLC.
Click Run and Stop Icons on your screen to Stop and Run the PLC.


If you have some problems with the PLC, please check the following windows BEFORE
running the PLC and write down all the information inside. This will be useful for us to
debug and fix the eventual problems.

1. Diagnostic Viewer

Here you will find information about internal software and hardware errors in the PLC.
Clicking on the line you will find detailed information below related to each error.
Please, keep this information for us. It will be really useful.

2. PLC Screen.

Here you have information about the internal performance of the PLC and, most important,
date, time and cause of the last Stop of the PLC. Please, keep this information for us, before
running the PLC in case it is stopped. Only the TASK Tab has relevant information.