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I will use the Rolph Harris article as an example of one way to structure.

1 HEADLINE pun, alliteration, use of rhyme or slogan style. Make sure it
connects to your theme or subject.

2. Use of visual images place in centre of under headline experiment with the
layout and remember to write caption under image.

3. Summary lead or brief outline of article or pull out quotations from the article
place in middle of text or to form a link between different parts of the text.

4. Introduction

Start with an anecdote or personal story that relates to your subject
Focus on a person and place them in a setting He sit behind glass in
the dock, head bowed. Note it is designed to identify a sense of his
isolation and the conflict involved. Reference to his head bowed
creates a sense of character. You could use a similar format to begin
your own article.

Or use a rhetorical question to begin but remember to answer the
question within this paragraph.

Or describe the setting for your story and create an atmosphere.

Or use emotive language.

Introduce through your own experience and connect through the
inclusive language We or Us or direct address with You.

5. Body of the article you must try to develop your argument in a logical

You could use repetition of a key idea. In this case the writer connects
through the construction of his character. He doesnt look up much.

Then this article forms the format of a recount of the key event and a
reflection on what he sees, thinks and there are various people quotated.

Develop the argument through use of an expert opinion and quotations
from that expert.

Or develop the story a day in the life of a person affected by .

Include statistics of the number of people affected by the issue.
Pose hypothetical questions What if How would you feel?

Develop strong tone Would you like to live here? Why not?

Use a variety of sentence lengths

Use rhetorical questions but make sure you answer them.

List in a table format or list to develop the number of people affected.

Remember you can use sub-headings to highlight key areas of your

Conclusion: You must remind the reader of the purpose of the article and make
them think about your issue. This may involve a strong emotional feel and a
request to take action.

Repeat key idea.

Come back to personal story or person whose story you have told.

Include an action.

Link to various websites.

Help lines.

Questionnaire to complete.

Follow up on the information.

Include reader in the experience.

Check out the examples of feature articles we have studied and the ones on
my webpage.

Plan List the main idea and your view first. Then list all of the supporting
arguments. These will form the basis of your topic sentences. It is like an essay it
has a logical structure and must be developed in sequence.