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Year established: 1993

Number of employees: 180

Annual turnover: 2 million Euros

We would like to bring to your attention our company called SC POL RENAV SRL. We are
shipyard contractor established in Constanta, Romania in 1993.

Our main activity is building new ships, ship repairs, ship conversions, steel structures, piping
installations and confections.

We can provide the following work force at very competitive wage/hour or we can offer a
fixed price per kilo depending on the project:

• Pipe fitters
• Fitters
• Pipe fabricators
• Welders CO2, electrode, TIG (all authorized GL 111, 136, 141)
• Electricians
• Painters
• Sandblasters

All groups are supervised by foreman English or Spanish speaking and a naval engineer to
supervise the projects.

We fulfill all EU documentations regarding our workers (E111-E101 and others).

Since the establishment we have build over 88 vessels maximum tonnage 170,000 dwt in various
shipyards :

• Axo Welding, Italy - piping jobs

• Estareja, Portugal - hydrogen and CO2 plant
• Urea Plant Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia - several jobs in urea reactor, relining
• Constanta Shipyard, Romania - building new ships and repairs including piping
• Daewoo Shipyard, Romania - building new ships
• Midia Shipyard, Romania - building new ships
• Elstal AB, Sweden - heat exchangers, boilers
• Strama-Maschinenbau Gmbh, Germany - replacing manufacturing robots for BMW, VW, Seat
Skoda and Audi
• Van Pelt and de Jager Staalbouw, Holland - production of yacht's hulls
• Fosen Shipyard, Norway - building new ships
• Landskronavarvet, Sweden - building new ships
• Turku Rauma Shipyard Aker, Finland - building new ships
• Baltijas Shipyard, Lithuania - building new ships
• Astilleros de Huelva, Spain
• Astilleros de Sevilla, Spain

We are grateful to our clients like Exxon Mobile, Shell Romania, Seat, Factory Matorell, Audi Factory
Germany, Gridins Group Lithuania and Van pelt en de Jager Staalbouw B.V Holland and we remain
confident in the future .
We are interesting in a long partnership with your company and we remain at your disposal
for further discussions and inquires.

Please do not hesitate to contact us and we'll be glad to provide you with more information.

Teodor Petrescu
Nordic Market Responsible
Tel: +46 704 431 796


Semanatorului Street 38
Constanta, Romania
Tel/Fax: +40 241 54 78 72