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58th Annual

North Thompson Fall Fair & Rodeo Association


Aug. 24 th& 25 th2007

N o r t h Ta hg oe amnp ts oCn oFmaml li t Ft e ea i r a n d R o d e o A s s o c i a t i o n W e lcome to the North Thompson Fall Fair

P Queen Pageant! My name is Cailynn Fraser

and I am the 2006-2007 North Thompson Fall Fair
Queen. Over the past year, I have had the pleasure of
travelling around British Columbia representing the
A M essage from the C ommittee North Thompson Valley with Princess Keylea Smith.

I t has been our great pleasure to have worked and played with our reigning
royalty, Queen Cailynn Fraser and Princess Keylea Smith over the past 18
months. We have spent countless hours training, fund raising, doing projects, and
We have made many great friends and memories
during our travels and I have discovered the beauty of
the wonderful province we live in!
First off, I would like to thank my sponsor, The
travelling. We have also watched these young women represent our community and the Catholic Women’s League, for all of their faith in me
North Thompson Valley at many local functions and events throughout the province. throughout this program and my reign. I would like to
We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate them for an admiral job and thank my family and friends for their encouragement
wish them well in their future endeavours. and help over the past year as well as the people of the
North Thompson Valley for their support of myself
We would also like to thank Shelby Nystoruk for all her help promoting the and this wonderful program. I would also like to thank the North Thompson Fall
youth in Barriere, she has accompanied us to many activities locally, and had the Fair Association and the Pageant Committee for all of their dedication and support.
opportunity to accompany our royalty to communities in the Thompson Region. With out all of these people my year would not have been what it is! I would like to
congratulate the candidates on doing such an awesome job over the course of their
Our Candidates, Jessica, Caitlyn Candice, Farron, and Samantha, have been training. They all have done a wonderful job and I hope, no matter what the outcome
busy since February, they have spend many hours getting ready for this weekend is that they will take what they have learned with them throughout their lives.
and the year ahead. The training, functions, and fundraisers have taken a lot of The lessons you learn through this program are so valuable. I hope you all
commitment on their part; our wish is that this has been a fun, educational and positive enjoy our pageant and I invite you all to the North Thompson Fall Fair and Rodeo
experience for them. Labour Day Weekend!

M iss NTFF Queen

Lastly, we thank our dedicated parents, Debbie and Wendy for all their help

and support throughout this past year, we could not have done so much with out you!
ailynn Fraser
Please take the time to read the back of our program; it lists our sponsors,
coaches, and the many people in the valley that have made our program successful.

T hank you,
W elcome to the 2007 North Thompson Fall Fair Pageant. I

Carol, Amy, & Beverly

would like to thank all dignitaries, judges, special guests,
visiting royalty and community members for coming out to
these two nights to say farewell to Cailynn and I as our reign
draws to an close and to welcome in our new royalty.
Over the past year Cailynn and I have travelled allover
B.C representing the North Thompson Fall Fair and the North
Thompson Valley. I have enjoyed myself completely travelling
to Logan Lake, Vernon, Merritt, Revelstoke, Chase, Nakusp,

T he past year I have had the privledge of being

Barriere’s Youth Ambassador. This experience has
been an exciting and rewarding one. I would like to wish
Quesnel, and Kamloops. This program is an amazing learning
experience for young women and you take so much out of it. I
would like to thank each individual who has supported me in
this program over the past year and a half.
all of the candidates luck on their speeches, talents, and Our 2007 Candidates, Farran, Sam, Jessica, Candice
impromptu’s. These five young ladies have been preparing and Caitlyn have been working hard over the last few months
for this event since February, and have so much to be proud to prove to you, our audience and our judges that they are more than capable to be the 2007
of. To the 2007-2008 Royalty, you have my best wishes - 2008 Royalty. Good Luck ladies! In addition i would like to thank the Pageant Committee
and support. for all your hard work and dedication to make this program a success. It is now time for
Cailynn and I to say goodbye, as we pass our crowns down. Good Luck to the 2007 - 2008

B Royalty and go out there and make your community proud.

arriere Youth Ambassador

helby Nystoruk iss NTFF Princess
eylea Smith

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Miss Lady Lions 2007 Miss Ghinty Service 2007

Caitlyn Gadoury Farran Lyons

Age: 16 Age: 15
Grade: 10 Grade: 10

I was born in Victoria BC. I have lived in I was born in Surrey BC. We lived there until
I was 4 years old, and have lived in Barriere ever
Jakarta, Indonesia, Salt Spring Island, and then
Barriere for 8 years. I am an honour role student at since. I am a student at Barriere Secondary
Barriere Secondary School, and am particularly school; I have been on the Achievement Honour
proud of achieving the Junior English Award. Roll, Merit and the Principal’s List.

My pastimes are dancing, music, acting and After high school, I intend to attend university,
spending time with friends. In my spare time, I am involved with the Thompson working towards a degree in teaching, sports
Valley Players. My hobbies are reading, drawing painting and writing. medicine or anthropology. I would also like to travel to different countries and
experience different culture.
After high school, I hope to move to Vancouver and attend performing arts school.
My goal is to be accepted at the New Image College, and complete the two-year In my spare time, I relax reading good books, photography, listening to music
acting program. My career goals are to successfully pursue acting and dramatic and spending time with friends. I really enjoy physical activities, I am a
arts. member on the soccer, basketball, and volley ball teams. I put a lot of effort into
sports and I am proud of my achievements. I also enjoy snowboarding, softball,
One thing that I would like to experience in life is to travel to different parts of swimming, running, and camping.
the world and understand other cultures.
Things I would like try are bungee jumping, sky diving and scuba diving.
Advice to my peers is to know who your friends are, stay true to yourself and not
to get caught up in “high school drama”. Advice to my peers is to not listen to rumours, high school dramas, but most of all
have fun, make long lasting friendships, be responsible and live life to its fullest.
I have chose to become a candidate because I wanted to be involved within the
community. I think that it will be a positive learning experience for me and that I have chosen to become a candidate because I believe it will be a great opportunity
I will learn many valuable skills. and an experience that will benefit me in many ways, including being involved
in the community.

excerpt from essay by Caityn Gadoury excerpt from essay by Farran Lyons

...“The Barriere Lady Lions are part of a network of clubs in over 200 countries! ...“In 1990, 13.8 acres of land was purchased by Dorothy and her husband, Keith.
Yet, this does not make their contributions any less significant. Their dedication Two years later in May 1992, Ghinty Service was finally open for business,
to youth projects, community improvement, and funding of deserving groups after 1 or 2 set-backs. Over the years improvements were made to create Ghinty
has made a hugely positive impact on our small town.”... Service to what it is now. Ghinty Service has been operating 24/7 since the day
...“The Barriere Search & Rescue Group would not have been able to it opened. You may be wondering, “why Ghinty?” Well, Keith Russell named
update and improve their communication equipment, in order to more efficently the new business after a cottage that was his great grandparents lived in, in
and quickly perform their jobs and help others. The Barriere Emergency Services Scotland, “Ghinty Cottage”, which is still standing today with a few minor
would not have been able to purchase their much needed equipment”... changes to modern day style.”...

4 5
Miss Canfor Vavenby 2007 Miss Barriere Esso 2007

Candice Graffunder Samantha McDermott

Age: 16 Age: 16
Grade: 10 Grade: 11

I was born in Clearwater BC and have lived in I was born in Summerland BC. I have lived
Vavenby on our ranch my whole life. I love to be in Clearwater, Lone Butte and Little Fort before
moving to Barriere in 2003. I am currently a
creative in anything I do. I enjoy hanging out
student at Barriere Secondary School.
with my friends and helping others. I like to dirt
bike and snowboard. In the summer, my favorite
After graduation, I hope to attend TRU and get a
thing to do is go camping. I love spending time diploma in Early Childhood Education. I want to
outdoors. I also enjoy learning and doing new things. work with young children because I love them and daycare/preschool settings.

I do not have specific plans for after I finish high school, but I would like to explore I plan to travel Europe to see all the old buildings and learn different languages
the possibilities. I will work for a year or so and save money to go traveling for and cultures.
another year. During those two years, I hope to find a career I am interested in.
I would like to go onto a post secondary education, but not until I know exactly My spare time is spent with family and friends. I also enjoy reading, listening
what I want to do. to music, writing, sports and trying new things. I have a part time job that
keeps me busy.
I have chosen to become a candidate in the North Thompson Fall Fair pageant
Advice to my peers is to have a great set of friends, make sure to listen and do
because I am interested in learning and experiencing new things. I also think
it is a great opportunity to build new, long lasting relationships. I think I am
a good representative for my community and am hoping to have a lot of fun
I have chosen to become a candidate for the benefits and experience. It is a good
through out the year.
way to be more involved in my community.

excerpt from essay by Candice Graffunder

excerpt from essay by Samantha McDermott

...“Canfor is a lumber mill. The company is based in Vancouver and has mills ...“Eldon enjoys golf, biking and hockey as well as other outdoor sports. He
located throughout B.C., Alberta, Quebec, Washington State, and North and once was the Captain of the Men’s Golf Club. When he’s not working, he tries to
South Carolina. Canfor is the largest producer of softwood lumber in Canada. make time for these hobbies. As well as a businessman, Eldon is also a director
They also produce oriented strand board, and plywood while also remanufacturing in the Barriere Chamber of Commerce. He and Kim are active members in the
lumber products and specialized wood products. Canfor-Vavenby division is community and usually sponsor a girl for the pageant every year.”...
located in Vavenby B.C.”...

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August 24th peech, Talent and Fashion Show
Miss Gemini Video 2007

Jessica Marie Brown Welcome

Age: 15 NTFF Royalty Queen Cailynn Fraser and Princess Keylea Smith
Grade: 10

I was born in Abbotsford BC and moved to

Oh Canada - Suzen Allen
Barriere in August 2005. I am a student at
Barriere Secondary School and an apprentice
Grand March of Candidates and Sponsors
hairdresser at Crysti’s Alley.
Judges and Pageant Auditor
My favourite pastimes are babysitting, listening
to music, camping, swimming, running and
shopping. I enjoy spending time with my SpeechCandice
and Talent Presentations
Graffunder – Speech
Caitlyn Gadoury – Talent
After graduation from School, I would like to pursue a career in elementary Farran Lyons – Speech
teaching or hairdressing. Samantha McDermott – Talent
Jessica Brown – speech
The one thing I would like to do is travel the world, to appreciate nature and the Candice Graffunder – Talent
differences from country to country. On spring break, I travelled to seven states Caitlyn Gadoury – speech
in ten days. Farran Lyons - Talent
Samantha McDermott – Speech
Jessica Brown – Talent
My advice to my peers is to stay on task, always get homework done and
Address By NTFF
I have chosen to become a candidate for the experience, to improve my confidence,
the opportunity to learn new things and have fun. Fashion Show – Frugal and Western Wear
Candice Graffunder
Caitlyn Gadoury
Farran Lyons
excerpt from essay by Jessica Marie Brown Samantha McDermott
Jessica Brown
...“When you are bored and need something to do, what do you do? When you’re (Repeat)
looking for a family night, what do you do? If you just want to watch a movie,
what do you do? Go to the movie store and what better place is there than our very
own Gemini Video!.”... Visiting Ambassadors
...“Berry and James are very involved in the community and have
sponsored many things for the Fall Fair, a slow pitch team and not to mention
our very own Fall Fair Pageant. Gemini Video has been sponsoring The North
Presentation of Friendship- Shelby Nystoruk
Thompson Fall Fair Pageant for about four years.”... Rising Star Award – Keylea Smith
8 Presentation of AG Foods Bursary – Ivan Lee 9
August 25th – Pageant Night
Agenda Miss North Thompson Fall Fair
Oh Canada - Suzen Allen Thank You to our 2007 Sponsors
Introduction of Judges Awards Candidates
Grande March of Candidates and Sponsors Barriere & District Chamber of Commerce
Gilbert Smith Forest Products
Canfor –Vavenby Division
Lady Lions
2006 -2007 Royalty North Thompson Star Journal Barriere Esso
Address by NTFF North Thompson Fall Fair & Rodeo Ghinty Service

Group Dance – Candidates Pageant Committee

AG Foods
Gemini Video

Entertainment – Reigning Royalty

Introduction of Dignitaries Coaches Judges
Connie Falk –Resumes, Cover Letters, Interview Skills Jacquie Everett
Evening Gown Presentation and Impromptu Questions Margarite Lapinski –Modeling & Deportment Teresa Dares
Miss NTFF Princess – Keylea Smith Barry Brady – Speech Coach, Auctioneer & MC
Bonnie Douglas – Dance & Choreography
Deb Ponto
Doreen Popp
Miss NTFF Queen – Cailynn Fraser Susan Duncan & TRU - Super Host
Miss Canfor Vavenby – Candice Graffunder Fiona Clare – Etiquette Hair styling
Miss lady Lions – Caitlyn Gadoury Jonathan Ikabuchi – Mental Heath
Barb Smith – Nutrition
Crysti’s Alley

Miss Ghinty Service – Farran Lyons Kim Rhodes – Mary Kay Makeup Auditor
Miss Barriere Esso – Samantha McDermott Carol Patton, CGA
Donna Richardson
Miss Gemini Video – Jessica Brown Acknowledgments:
BC Ambassadors and Visiting Royalty Jamie Jeffreys – Sewing Jack Wenzel – Engraving & Name Tags
Judy Davis – Quilting (Rather be Quilting) Wim Houben- set-up
Awards and Presentations Bag Lady Enterprises Eric Jeffreys- Errands
Knowledge Award Ian Watt – Set up Jill Hayward - Photography

Speech Award Deb MacDonald- Flower Presentations

Karen Schilling - Flower Presentations
Shirley Devoght - Spa
Elizabeth Ekins -Flower Presentations
Talent Award Jody Schilling - Flower Presentations Barry Mclean – Sound, Lighting & Music

Chamber of Commerce Bursary Robin Wilson – Sound, Lighting & Music

Paul & Barb Morris
Oldies Trucking & Antiques
Kevin Bryant – Graphic Design
Royalty Farewells Ron & Audrey Lanoue – Door Prize Revelstoke Heritage Railway – Door Prize
Presentation of 2007 -2008 Royalty Rod & Donna Roy – Door Prize
Debbie Fraser – Queen Mom, Chaperone,
Art AuCoin
Wendy Smith – Princess Mom, Printing, Chaperone
We wish to express our thanks to our Master of Ceremonies – Fund Raiser, Personal Shopper
Barry Brady
And to all members of the community for their ongoing support for this program
& Page Rae-Lee Fraser
From Left to Right:

2007 - 2008 Miss North Thompson Fall Fair Candidates

Miss Lady Lions Caitlyn Gadoury

Miss Ghinty Service Farran Lyons
Miss Canfor Vavenby Candice Graffunder
Miss Barriere Esso Samantha McDermott
Miss Gemini Video Jessica Brown