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May 14, 2014

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. Obama:

I believe that the fact that immigrants are being deported just because they are immigrants has
to be changed. My name is Evelyn Hernandez; my family suffers of immigration deportation and
inequality. As you know, immigrants do not have legal documents that prove they are citizens of the
United States, so they have to be treated in a different way. This is completely unfair and unorthodox
according to the U.S. I comprehend that there has to be rules and restrictions toward immigrants, but
giving them problems like not enough labor or annual income is very different to what ethical rules should
be. I want immigration reform to pass by and actually change what has been the biggest mistake, and
what will be an honorable achievement of the U.S. I have changed myself to be in each and every
immigrants shoes, and I have never realized how greatly they suffer and face with each coming day.

A category within the topic at hand is the labor restriction/ labor unfairity.
Immigrants have many types of jobs to choose from, for example: janitor, farming, factory-worker,
harvesting, and construction. You can see that all of these jobs are wonderful and there still might be
some more out there, but as a citizen, would you want this job? Citizens get the luxury of the U.S: going
to great colleges, working in their dream job, living in a fresh, out-of-the-box home, and more. However,
immigrants are receiving the unfair treatment of the U.S: working on hard jobs, receiving money out of
jobs they would never imagine having, receiving little to somewhat average pay, living in a trailer home/
affordable small home, etc. The life immigrants are living; do they seem like the life you would want to
live? Americans perceive immigrants as people who are willing to work as anything for any price.
Whatever happened to family and other priorities? Why are immigrants considered great and hard
workers, when we barely even get paid the right amount for the hard work? The way U.S citizens see
immigrants is incorrect, and I believe that citizens must go into the immigrants shoes and see how bad,
and conflicting their life really is.

Then there is also the average/annual income/pay. My family raises up
about to or less than $30,000. Meanwhile, the American household makes up to about $60,000 a year.
Does that seem fair? My family has to be constantly trying for more and getting in problems all because of
money. My mom has 2 jobs and gets paid very little, she scrubs rotten toilets and cleans filthy buildings.
Now put yourself in these shoes, both your parents are immigrants and they yell at each other because of
how little they are making and blaming each other because the other is wasting money on items not
necessary. Place yourself in my life: You have to do all the household duties, take your sister to school,
pay for your own field trips, pay for everything that relates to you, and stress over the fact that you dont
have enough money to buy school supplies. The pay that both my parents get is very few, and my mother
is asking of my dad to contribute to her 2 job system. Every coming day brings conflicts, and my dad still
refuses to get 2 or a better job.

Immigrants come into the U.S come for a better life, a higher labor pay, and
to give a better life to their family/children. However, the U.S is ready and ready for one thing: immigrants
coming illegally into the U.S. From many of my family members point of views, they came for all of the
reasons that I listed above. Some came illegally and some didnt, and either they didnt have the items
needed for getting the visa, or it was very expensive. When my mother came, she gave birth to both my
sister and I, why did she have us in the U.S? The answer is very simple: to give us a better life and to
give us better protection from the horrible environment of Mexico. I have faced much sadness because of
Mexico, and I am happy that I am a living U.S citizen. I despise the fact that the U.S is judging illegal
immigrants in a poor way, because they dont see what their intentions really are. I am proud of the
person that illegally carried my family over here because if it werent for them, you nor I would be here in
the U.S. Maybe we would be alive, but would receive poor education, a horrible life, and maybe even be a

Its as if were bringing back racial discrimination, but this time a bit different:
worse. According to Wikipedia, Americans are very territorial and dont want to share. They believe that
immigrants are taking all of the job opportunities, and because of this, and other things as well, hate has
spread across the U.S with disgust toward the immigrants. Crimes have started, and immigrants are
being killed all because of prejudice in American citizens hearts. Criminals are not allowed in the U.S as
you know, especially not murder cases. As the president, I believe that you should change all of this
thought and prejudice towards the immigrants because the real criminals are those with prejudice.
Immigrant families come to the U.S for shelter, protection, money, and supplies. Yet, the U.S is constantly
protecting itself from these aliens when it could be allowing civilized people with positive purposes come
through the gates and live a heavenly life. The U.S overall could benefit from: economy, knowledge,
technology, environment, architecture, culture, etc. Immigrant families have to worry every day of pulling
over and getting sent back to their dangerous country. Sure, some countries might not be dangerous, but
why did the immigrants come in the first place? Everything has a purpose, immigrants have a right to be
equal and they have a right to live in something they would want to. As said, With liberty and justice to

With all due respect,

Evelyn Hernandez.