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Thank you for taking the survey for the Goldsboro Metropolitan

Planning Organization (GMPO) Metropolitan Transportation Plan

(MTP) Update.
The GMPO is a regional organization that manages transportation planning for the City of Goldsboro, Village of Walnut
Creek, Town of Pikeville and areas within Wayne County. The MTP is a federally-required process that helps community
leaders make decisions about the priority, timing and funding of future transportation improvements, including roads,
highways, public transit, bicycle/pedestrians, and aviation.
Please take a few moments to complete this survey and share with us your thoughts on what you believe are important
transportation issues that should be considered in this MTP update...your thoughts and ideas will help shape the future of
transportation in YOUR community!
Please mail your completed survey to:
Jennifer K. Collins, Senior Planner, City of Goldsboro, 200 North Center Street, Goldsboro, NC 27530
1. Where do you live? Please enter your 5-Digit ZIP Code.

4. Would you rather use another type of transportation than you currently use? If so, what type and why?
2. Where does your average daily commute take you? Please
enter the 5-Digit ZIP Code. __________________________
Daily 1-3 Times a
1-3 Times a
Less than 6
Times a Year
Other (please specify
3. How often do you use the following to get to work, school, recreation or shopping?
5. How far is your commute to work/school? ______miles 6. How long does this trip take you? ________minutes
7. If you drive a car to work or school, how many people are in the vehicle? _______people
8. If you have school-aged children, how do they currently get to/from school?
o I do not have school-aged children
o School Bus
o Public Transit
o Bicycle
o Walk
o Automobile
o Motorcycle/Scooter
o Carpool
o Other (please specify) ___________________
9. Would you rather your school-aged children use another type of transportation to get to/from school? If so, what type
and why? _____________________________________________________________________________________
10. What are some specifc locations and traffc problems that you encounter on a frequent basis? ____________
Thank you for participating in the GMPO MTP 2040 Survey. The following questions are voluntaryand not required. Re-
sponses are gathered to help determine the types of populations we have reached with our survey.
4 3
Satisfed nor
2 1
No Opinion
Appearance of streets
Availability of alternate routes
Availability of
transportation choices
Availability of sidewalks
Availability of bicycle lanes and paths
Traffc conditions for vehicles
Quality of streets
Availability of
recreational trails/paths
Accessibility of public transportation
Coordination between transportation
agencies, City and County
11. How would you rate your satisfaction with the following aspects of transportation in your community?
12. What are the top priorities you would like the community to invest in? Please rank the topics below with 5 as the
highest priority and 1 as the lowest priority.
High Priority
4 3
Medium Priority
2 1
Low Priority
Reduce traffc congestion
Roadway maintenance
Intersection improvements
Traffc signal timing/coordination
More Sidewalks
Pedestrian safety improvements
Vehicular safety improvements
Public transportation (buses)
Bicycle lanes and paths
Bicycle safety improvements
Carpool/Vanpool/Park N Ride facilities
Protect Environment
Road Widening
13. What is your age?
o Under 18
o 18-24
o 25-34
o 35-44
o 45-54
o 55-64
o 65 and over
14. What is your race/ethnicity?
o White
o Black/African American
o Chinese
o Vietnamese
o Korean
o American Indian/Alaskan Native
o Native Hawaiian/Pacifc Islander
o Hispanic/Latino
o Other (please specify):

15. What is your annual household income?
o Less than $12,000
o $12,000-$29,999
o $30,000-$59,999
o $60,000-$79,999
o $80,000-$99,999
o $100,000 or greater
16. How many vehicles are in your household (automobiles,
vans, motorcycles/scooters)?
o 1
o 2
o 3
o 4
o 5+