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# Light reflex lies in which quadrant of normal tympanic membrane:

# The normal colour of the tympanic membrane is:
Pearly grey
# During Otoscopic examination the pinna should be retracted:
!pward and bac"ward
# During #ec" examination all of the following groups of L# are included except:
$etropharyngeal L#
#% The afferent arm for the gag reflex is mediated &ia:
Afferent is 'lossopharyngeal( )fferent is *agus
+unilateral secretory O, -O! should exlude one of the follwing :
nasopharyngela ca
+main tx of #P. is
most common type of #P. is :
scca / type 0 1 !ndifferentiated
tonsillar artery branch of :
facial artery
w "man hdol mohmen ta0on eltympanometry
a2 normal bs feh mneoh no0een / A34 -0#55 sclerosis1
AD y0niii osssicular distruption
6 2 P)$7O$AT5O# AO o%m 85T9 )77!35O#
. 2 ostachian tube dysfunction
only tumor of head : nec" of no association w smo"ing : alcohol is :
neoplasm of nose : paranasal sinus
main treatment for tumor of sinus is :
surgery followed by radiotherapy
trismus / loc"ed ;aw 1 due to spasm of wt muscle :
medial trigoid muscle
tumor of nose : sinus w peineural chrch is
adenoid cystic ca
most common location of nasophyrngeal ca is :
fossa of rosenmuller