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1. What bacteria that causes strep throat?

a. The bacteria that causes strep throat is streptococcus.

2. What are the oldest life forms on earth?
a. The oldest life forms on earth are archaebacteria
3. What type of bacteria causes food poisoning?
a. The type of bacteria that causes food poisoning is called
4. What part of bacteria helps it stick to surfaces?
a. The part that helps it stick to surfaces is the plius.
5. Name two foods that help make:
a. Bateria helps make yogurt and cheese
6. What does decompose mean?
a. Decompose means to break down.
7. What is the control center of the bacteria cell?
a. The control center of the bacteria cell is the deoxyribonucleic
8. What part if the bacteria cell helps it move?
a. The part of the bacteria that helps it move is the flagella
9. Where do Archaebacteria live?
a. Archaebacteria live in extreme conditions.
10. To what kingdom do common bacteria belong?
a. Common bacteria belong to the kingdom of Eubacteria

1. Briefly describe the function of cell parts
a. Cell Membrane
i. The purpose of the Cell Membrane is to protect the cell,
control the movement of objects going in and out of the
b. Endoplasmic Reticulum
i. The purpose of the Endoplasmic Reticulum is to transport
materials throughout the cell.
c. Ribosome
i. The purpose of a Ribosome is to produce proteins.
d. Golgi Apparatus
i. The purpose of the Golgi Apparatus is to process packages
of molecules made by the cell.
e. Lysosome
i. The purpose of the Lysosome is to digest old cell parts.
f. Microtubule
i. The purpose of the Microtubule is to help the cell move and
keep its shape.
g. Mitochondria
i. The purpose of the Mitochondria is to create energy for the
h. Nucleus
i. The purpose of the Nucleus is to store information for the

Cell City Analogy
1. Mitochondria = Hydraulic Dam
2. Ribosomes = Small Shops
3. Nucleus = Carpenters Union
4. Endoplasmic Reticulum = Special Carts
5. Golgi Apparatus = Postal Office
6. Protein = Widget
7. Cell Membrane = Fence
8. Lysosome = Scrap Yard
9. Nucleolus = Town Hall

Cell Ice Cream Shop Analogy

In an ice cream shop named Ice Cream Shop, an incredible amount of work
goes into producing the ice cream. The shop always uses one recipe, that is
stored in a special cabinet. The Ice Cream Shop is very eco-friendly, so they
break down old materials and recycle them for new ice cream. The old
materials are broken down by a blender, which then is created into ice
cream by the ice cream maker. This whole process is fueled by a generator.
To deliver the ice cream within the shop, a cart is used. When making out of
shop deliveries, a truck is used. To protect the shop, there are doors and
walls, and the doors only let in employees and customers.

1. Mitochondria = Generator
2. Ribosomes = Ice Cream Maker
3. Nucleus = Recipe
4. Endoplasmic Reticulum = Cart
5. Golgi Apparatus = Truck
6. Protein = Ice Cream
7. Cell Membrane = Doors and Walls
8. Lysosomes = Blender
9. Nucleolus = Cabinet