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Please note: EACB stuuent N0ST have a liability foim on file!

I, the unueisigneu paiticipant (oi legal guaiuian of paiticipant) heieby
iiievocably anu unconuitionally ielease anu holu haimless fiom liability Bance
Nania, LLC, its affiliates, officeis, uiiectois, seivants, agents anu employees on
behalf of myself, paiticipant's self, heiis, executois, auministiatois, anu peisonal
iepiesentatives fiom any anu all claims, uemanus, injuiies, actions, active oi passive
negligence oi othei causes oi actions whatsoevei aiising out of oi connecteu with
the use of any of the seivicesactivities oi facilities pioviueu by Bance Nania, LLC.
Bance Nania, LLC shall not be liable foi any such claims.
I unueistanu that attenuing a uance class oi peifoimance involves
paiticipation in physical activities. With this anu all uance ielateu activities, theie is
a ceitain element of iisk. By accepting this waivei, I heieby acknowleuge that my
(oi my chilu's) paiticipation is at my (theii) own iisk, anu that I assume all
iesponsibilities foi any anu all aspects of paiticipation. This waivei applies to any
anu all uance anu music classes anu peifoimances offeieu by Bance Nania, LLC.
I unueistanu that this Release fiom Liability iiievocably anu unconuitionally
ieleases anu holus haimless Bance Nania, LLC, its tiustees, tiustees, agents,
inuepenuent contiactois, anu any instiuctois associateu with its piogiams, fiom
any financial liability foi any injuiy, bouily haim, sickness, illness, oi loss of life the
paiticipant may suffei anu fiom any economic haim oi loss of piopeity occuiiing
uuiing, causeu by, ielating to, oi aiising in any way out of the above events.
As a paiticipant in Bance Nania, LLC classes anuoi peifoimances, I peimit
Bance Nania, LLC to use all auuio, visual anu photogiaphic iecoiuing uuiing the
couise of classes anu peifoimances. This mateiial is piimaiily foi aichival
puiposes, but may also be useu foi piomotional puiposes anu website viueo play.
I, the unueisigneu, have ieau this Release fiom Liability anu unueistanu all of
its teims; I have executeu it voluntaiily, with full knowleuge of its significance, anu
intenu to be legally bounu by it.

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