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Reflection of preparation process

As a group we write down reflection according to guideline question. This reflection cover
answers of guideline questions. To begin with, we choose this topic because it is not
commonly used topic in final projects. Also Healthy food awareness is significant nowadays
because due to exposing advertisement and careless parents children have bad eating habit. So
they could have diseases and obesity.
When we are planning our unit and lesson plan, we spent equal time for each steps of
ASSURE model. We could not have difficulty bout implying them. Yet, in measurement part,
we think that we were not creative on finding different measurement type because we did not
take any course about that. n fact we confused about writing learning outcome. During
writing learning outcome, we could not decide what should be ABCD in our topic.
We determined the prerequisite skills as already known knowledge which could face in 48-60
months children. We try to pay attention that prerequisite skills should not higher order skills.
In our national curriculum, there are objectives and signs about healthy life, we rearrange
already exist objectives into the learning outcome of ABCD model. But conditions part could
have problem because we had trouble with determining them.
Actually we firstly choose activity then instructional materials and methods is used. As a
instructional method we could not use more student centered types since in the activities they
cannot be applied according to our education system. We generally used teacher centered
types. Although sometime we gave place student centered types, they were not totally student
centered. Moreover we used all kind of materials. We cared materials properties when they
are used.
Our instructional perspective can be based on all type of perspective as we have not sharp
edge about instructional perspective. We can do everything in appropriate time and place.
Furthermore we utilize instructional method media and materials in terms of childrens
attention, environment, childrens readiness, and teacher Willingness.
For learner participation, we gave place to interesting material and technology integration.
Also children participate activities spontaneously.
We choose some methods for measurement and revision. We used note taking video
recording, asking questions etc. At the end of the unit, we conduct a survey through web site.
Children answered the question by help of their parent. So teacher can monitor need of