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Investment management once seemed a simple process. Well-heeled investors
would hold portfolios composed of stocks and bonds of blue chip industrial
companies, treasury bonds, notes and bills. The choices available to less well-off
investors were much more limited, confirmed primarily to passbook savings accounts.
If the investment environment can be thought of as an ice cream parlor, then the
customers of past decades were offered only chocolate and vanilla.

The purpose of the study is to know about stock markets in India, how they
work, fundamental requirements before entering the stock market, how to enter the
stock market, market design, stock selection, when to buy or sell a stock, how to
invest and knowing about market intermediaries.

The objective of the study is to look into the scientific approach for selecting a stock
where Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis are looked into. For that purpose
the most happening banking sector was taken for study and from that sector, two
stocks were picked up and analyzed, The study deals with analysis of performance of
the company, share price fluctuations and comparing it with another company from
same sector. The purpose of the study is to locate a stock which gives good returns
with minimum risk.
For the purpose of study, banking sector is selected. ICICI-(Industrial Credit
and Investment Corporation of India) and SBI-(STATE BANK OF INDIA) are
the two companies that are taken for analysis.