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Grading Rubric for the Children’s Picture Storybook

3 2 1
Cover Title and illustration Title and illustration Title and illustration
on cover clearly relate clearly relate to the are poorly done or do
to the story and entice story. not relate to the story.
readers to pick up the
Text The font and legibility The font and legibility The font and legibility
of the text do not of the text interfere of the text interfere
interfere with or with but do not with and disrupt the
disrupt disrupt the communication of
communication of communication of ideas to the reader.
ideas to the reader in ideas to the reader.
any area of the work.
Grammar There are no grammar One or two grammar Three or more
and Spelling or spelling errors or spelling errors grammar or spelling
anywhere in the work. occur in the work. errors occur in the
Use of Three different literary Two different literary One or no literary
Literary devices are used in devices are used in devices are used in
the work. the work. the work.
Plot All five areas of the One of the five areas Two or more of the
Development plot (exposition, rising of the plot (exposition, five areas of the plot
action, climax, falling rising action, climax, (exposition, rising
action, and resolution) falling action, and action, climax, falling
are present and are resolution) is not action, and resolution)
clearly developed. present and/or is not are not present and/or
clearly developed. are not clearly
The The illustrations help The illustrations help The illustrations help
Illustrations’ present the plot present the plot in a present the plot in
throughout all areas in majority of areas only a minority of
Support of the work. throughout the work. areas throughout the
the Plot work.
Execution of Illustrations are neat Illustrations are neat Illustrations need
Illustrations and visually pleasing and visually pleasing more details and
throughout the entire throughout a majority attention to visual
work. of the work. appearance.